Giveaway Alert: Win Belo Baby Products {3 Winners}

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my little one cozy with his new baby, Belo :heart: A little bit dark and on the burnt side because of too much swimming, but Belo Baby products helped in keeping his skin and hair smooth 

We mums always make sure to use only the all-natural and the safest products for our children right? We cannot help it, we only want the best for them and in case of baby products, we only want the safest and the purest to touch their skin. My little one may no longer be a baby although he still claims to be one, but even now that he is almost 7, I am still careful with the products I use on him.

In my previous Belo Baby post, I mentioned how much I am loving these new line of skin care products for babies and kids. We’ve now finished an entire bottle of the Hair and Body Wash and I really love its  lovely soft scent.  Apart from its scent, I also love how the Face and Body Lotion makes our skin soft and smooth. I stashed them in our swimming class bag and used them on my little swimmer after spending numerous hours on the pool. You know that pool water {oftentimes reeking with chlorine} can be rather cruel on the skin and hair, especially in children. Jared would have very dry skin as well as very rough hair right after pool time and I am delighted that the Belo Baby Lotion helps in keeping his skin soft and supple while the Wash aids in keeping his locks manageable.

giveaway alert, announcement, products, products for children, bath products for babies, natural soaps + bath products, safe baby products, all-natural products for babies and kids
Belo Baby Bar Soap 100g {Php79.75} 

Yes, I do love using Belo Baby products on my son, in fact I even use them myself to keep me smelling as good as a baby even in these crazy hot summer weather! After all, what’s not to love? Apart from the oh-so-good-scent of these products, they are even made with 100% certified natural ingredients that include shea butter, sweet almond oil, and cocoa butter, with 0% harmful chemicals, too. They are also reasonably-priced and can conveniently be purchased from leading drugstores and supermarkets around and are even available online at Lazada, Cudsly, Zalora. The Belo Baby products are crafted with care for the most delicate skin, for the most meticulous mums. You can also check out this video to see how bath and massage time is now a wonder-filled journey for you and your little one.

For more information about their products, and to get first dibs on their promos and contest, do not forget to visit the Belo Baby Website,, and follow Belo Baby Love on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Yes, I am raving about the Belo Baby products, they are so good, in fact, that I want 3 of our lucky loyal mum readers to each win a set of these goodies! Yey!  😀

Win a Set of Belo Baby Products For Your Little Ones

For your chance to win one of the 3 Belo Baby Gift Packs {with the Bar Soap, Face and Body Lotion, and Hair and Body Wash} for your baby, here are the very easy mechanics to join:

  1. Follow Belo Baby on Facebook
  2. Follow Mumwrites on Instagram
  3. Share this photo on Facebook or re-post it on Instagram with your answer to this question: Which Belo Baby products are you excited to try with your babies and kids and why? Don’t forget to tag @belobabylove and @mumwrites and use the hashtags #BeloBabyXMumwritesGiveaway and #BeloBaby

Yep, that’s easy as pie! Our giveaway will run until the end of the month and we’ll be raffling off the winners a few days after! This is open to all mums residing in the Philippines so hurry and join now so you, too, can share the wonderful bath and massage time journey with your little ones. 

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Event Alert: Join The Hot Wheels Epic Race

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Summer is indeed upon us and if you are one of those mums who are driven to their wit’s end with a constant blubber of “Mum, I’m bored!” or “Mum am tired of staying at home!” or just simply looking for something awesome for your little ones to do during their vacation, then you must check out the Hot Wheels Epic Race!

Hot Wheels Epic Race had its Central Qualifying event at SM Megamall on 9-10 April, and its South Qualifying event at SM BF Paranaque last weekend. Its last and North Qualifying event will be held at SM San Lazaro on 23-24 April and promises to be one awesome event for boys who seem to be all car-crazy {oh well, even big boys are, come to think of it!}. Too bad we’ve missed out on the 2 previous events but I sure hope we can catch the last event this weekend or hopefully, the Semi Finals taking place on 14 May in SM Mall of Asia.

events, announcement, toys, products, children products, products for children

The event was centered on the brand’s purpose of exhilaration and achievement for every kid. Here boys aged 3-10 years who possess a daring, imaginative, driven, and competitive attitude can get a chance to race their favorite Hot Wheels cars at the gravity-driven track set. The fastest 20 from each of the qualifying sites will advance to the semi finals.

To qualify for the Hot Wheels Epic Race all you have to do is:

  • Purchase at least 2 Hot Wheels Basic Cars from the participating store
  • You get a maximum of 2 trials per car and the fastest speed will be recorded
  • Top 20 fastest speed record will be shortlisted to join the Area Qualifying Rounds

Another feature that I am sure all Hot Wheels fans will love is the chance to view a living diorama with improved tracks, connectors, launchers, and stunt kits from the all-new Track Builder Unlimited. Kids will get loads of ideas here on how they can transform their own rooms into a How Wheels Epic race track! This sure is a great way to make your summer epic, right?

Hot Wheels also sent us a Speedtropolis Track Set and the little one was so excited to build it with his dad before I even took pictures of it! He’s even asked me to get him another Hot Wheels car so his new buddy will not be lonely. We shall be sharing about it next on Jared’s Little Corner.

For more details about the event, make sure to visit and follow How Wheels on Facebook,

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Introducing #BeloBaby: A New Line of Natural Products For Babies + Children

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I have never been more conscious about the products I patronize and use until I became a mum. It did not help that my little man was born with such a sensitive skin that I had to scrutinize each product I use on him and make sure they are made from natural ingredients and are devoid of harmful chemicals that might do more harm than good on my son’s skin. It is also the reason why I was curious about the new all-natural line of baby and children products that one of the skin authorities in the country, Belo, is introducing very soon. This mum was excited to be invited to their product launch and get first dibs on these promising new products.

The Belo Baby launch was held at the lovely Museum Cafe in Makati last week and each guest was made to choose among the 3 different qualities that we consider when choosing products for our children. I opted for “safe” as I always go for dermatological-tested and natural products for the little one, products that I am sure won’t harm or irritate my son’s sensitive skin. Mums who choose the same qualities are seated together in one table. We later found out that there will be a little game later on in the day and those we were seated with will be our teammates. We were not as lucky as the other team who won in the end, but all mums were given a bag of Belo Sun Expert products to take home and try. Very timely as the weather these days are getting noticeably hotter by the second and we need to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful rays!

It was also in this little fun game that I learned the following trivia about baby’s skin:

  • A baby’s skin is not fully-developed and is not an efficient barrier to infection just yet
  • A baby’s skin is paper thin and is about 20-30% thinner than adult skin
  • A baby’s skin is very permeable and allows more substances through compared to an adult’s
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