Choose Designer Kids For All Your Baby Shoe Needs

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Most mums will agree that shopping for out little tots’ shoes and other footwear is sort of tricky, especially if you have a 4-year old who simply refuses to fit any shoes you send his way. Every time I introduce the idea of getting him a new pair, my little man would always tell me that he already have a pair of rubber shoes and a couple of sandals as if telling me that he’s all set and could care less about getting another pair. The thing is his pair of grey sandals are already tattered from too much use and it really need a replacement and fast!

Apart from the trouble of fitting and shopping for a new pair of shoes, I also go for comfort and durability. I know the feeling of having sore feet from wearing the wrong shoe types and I would never want my son to experience the same ordeal. Also, toddlers can be quite a wild bunch, running and exploring about, that they needed a pair of footwear that can withstand all the physical activities and can keep up with them, not to mention something that last atleast about a year or until they have outgrown them.

products for children, shoes, products

That is why I am thrilled to learn about the new shoe brand in the metro, Designer Shoes! After learning all about them, I cannot wait to get Jared his own pair. But do not take my word for it, read onto the rest of the post so you will know exactly what I am raving about!

Designer Kids in a nutshell

Designer Kids is the sole distributor of medically-designed German shoe brand, which is a brainchild of German friends, Mr. Marek Heinz and Mr. Pei. The idea was born of their passion to bringing good and healthy shoes for babies and toddlers to prevent common foot ailments, like foot-bone deformity and walking disorders. These shoes are designed by specialist who took into consideration the physiology of children to aid proper physical development of the baby’s feet. They have also worked hand in hand with medical institutions specializing in athletic physiology research on foot ailments and partnered with pediatricians, physiologist, podiatrists and human engineering experts around the world for continuous development of the shoes.

Designer Kids is dedicated in offering healthy, comfortable, protective and functional shoes for the little ones. They also aim to bring proper foot care for children in every household, as well educating parents about the importance and benefits of getting the proper shoes for their babies.

These shoes are now available in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Israel, China, Australia, Malaysia and the Philippines. The company continues to expand to reach more countries all over the world.

Shoe Brands

products for children, shoes, products

Babies and toddler shoes out to have firm yet flexible base. They must also be lightweight in order to help keep children’s balance and not tire them easily. They must also have breathable material to help the  children’s footsies always fresh and must have ankle support protection and a good cushioning material in the sole are.

products for children, shoes, products

It is good to know that Designer Kids have 5 different brands tat all meet these shoe criteria. Apart from ensuring you will get only the best and most comfy shoes for your children’s feet, these brands also offer a wide variety of designs to choose from, as well as an assortment of lovely appealing colors that the little ones can hardly resist! Choose from their Sooth, Ginoble, Dersur, Hubsche and Paoh line for all your toddlers’ shoe needs. They now give mums and their tots more exciting and colorful shoe alternatives  to choose from, which I am hoping would make shopping for shoes more fruitful and fun!

products for children, shoes, products

When you are planning to shop for kids’ shoes this Christmas season, do not forget to keep Designer Kids in mind. I am sure you will find one that suits your little tot or your inaanaks the best! 🙂

For more details, and for information on where to get their products, you may reach Designer Kids through any of the following:

:phone:  02.966.3083
:cell:  0917.813.4117
Facebook Page:

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Ceelin Plus: Mums’ Partner In Raising Healthy Children

I was fortunate to receive a package containing 15 10-ml bottles of Ceelin Plus  from our good friends from Unilab last week.  Although he is not too fond of taking vitamins and other oral medications, Ceelin was the only vitamin C I gave the little man ever since. I know he needed the extra protection and the boost that it gives to children’s immune system. I do hope that we can get him to drink his daily dose of Vitamin C on a regular basis as he grows older because he definitely needs it.

Ceelin Plus in a nutshell

Ceelin Plus {Ascorbic Acid Zinc} Syrup uses the unique ZincPlus technology of Pediatech that works in two ways: {1} ensures a stabilized combination of Vitamin C and Zinc, and {2} provides a delicious tasting syrup without the strong taste of Zinc, which might put children off.

Ceelin Plus, which comes in a very delicious Apple flavor any child would love, might very well be mums’ best partner in making sure their little ones are in the pink of health and can enjoy the little pleasures of their lives and in any weather condition, as it allows children to get the correct daily dose of Vitamin C and Zinc for increased body resistance and enhanced immune system. With its 100mg/10 dosage of Vitamin-Mineral per 5ml syrup, it is mums’ favorite ally in preventing and treating Vitamin C and Zinc deficiency among children. Created by the Philippine’s largest and leading pharmaceutical and healthcare company, Unilab, which, by the way, is also backed up with 60 years experience of giving the best value in healthcare to Filipinos, it is no wonder why Ceelin Plus is every mum’s choice of Vitamins for their little ones.

To know more about Ceelin Plus and other products, do follow the Unilab Facebook Fan Page.

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Mum Finds: Tiny Fangs Kiddie Tooth Gel Stage 2

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Oh this is another weekly theme I have been meaning to share here, Mum Finds, where I will share with you products or services that I have recently stumbled upon which I thought you might want to buy or avail for your children or your family, too. For this week, I am sharing Tiny Fangs Kiddie Tooth Gel which I have discovered a few months back in the display rack of a local Mercury Drug, where I was buying a bunch of meds for the little man at the time. Jared has been using the Pigeon Children Toothpaste for the longest time and I thought it was time to switch to another brand, hopefully a greener alternative this time around. I have been using Tiny Buds Rice Powder on the little man for a long while now and when I saw this tooth gel I knew I had to try it, too!

Tiny Fangs Kiddie Tooth Gel in a nutshell

mum finds, products, mum going green, products for children, products for toddlers, personal hygiene products, safe baby products, earth-friendly products,

This is a safer training tooth gel for children aged 3 years and up. This is a Xylitol tooth gel that helps to prevent tooth decay and promote healthy gums. It has a low-foaming formula that helps children to form a good oral hygiene habit at their toddler stage, as well as introducing them to the mild, minty taste of tooth gel. This kiddie tooth gel is also free from SLS, paraben, fluoride or artificial color, which makes it safe for little ones when they accidentally swallow it.

This tooth gel retails at Php99 per 55gram tube and comes in two variants, Stage 1 Non-foaming Formula in Straberry Banana flavor and Stage 2 Low-Foaming Formula in Tutti Fruitti flavor.

Apart from Mercury Drugs branches, Tiny Fangs Kiddie Tooth Gels are also available in Baby Company stores nationwide, as well as in Landmark in Trinoma.

Why mums would love this product?

Everything that is green is all right in my book. The fact that this is a natural tooth gel puts my OC-ish mum’s mind at ease. It is safe for infants and toddlers and is also made from food-safe ingredients and is also FDA-approved. The little man have yet to get accustomed to the minty taste, however, but am sure he will get used to it in time.

To learn more about this product and a bevy of other all-natural products for our children, you might want to check out the Tiny Buds Official Facebook Page.

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