Sanicare Unveils Their New Brand Ambassador + Baby Care Product Line

The Sanicare Hygiene Care Circle event held at the Makati Diamond Residences last July 25 was an afternoon of fun, learning, and new discoveries for this mum and the other mum bloggers invited. Apart from learning nifty DIY’s and handy kitchen and beauty tips, we were also introduced to the complete line of Sanicare products, including the latest selection of Baby Care products.

My DIY mason jar ~ decorated it with jute strings, a blue ribbon, and letter stickers that spell out my little one’s name

To get first-hand Sanicare Hygience experience, participating mums were asked to check out each of the stations available for that afternoon’s activities. Our first stop was the Baby Care Station manned by fellow mum blogger, Sarah Tirona, who shared cool baby care tips and this awesome DIY project, where we prettified and decorated mason jars with ribbons, jute strings, stickers, and other decoration. I opted for the chic jute strings, a blue ribbon, and letter stickers that spelled out my little one’s name. It is perfect for Jared’s knickknacks and now holds some of his favorite Lego mini-figures.

a nifty Baby care hack from mum blogger, Sarah Tirona, using a shoe organizer as a catch-all for your baby’s stuff

My favorite hack from Sarah is using a shoe organizer to stash your little one’s stuff, like toys, feeding bottle, diapers, wipes, and other items. This is so handy especially when you are out on the road so you can have all of your little one’s essentials in one place. You can easily hang this at the back of the driver’s seat while traveling.

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3 Things We Love About #BeloBaby + A Giveaway {Closed}

Time does fly! Can you believe it has been a year since Belo Baby changed the way we take care of our skin? I was one of the privileged mum bloggers to get first dibs on their new product line when they launched last year {you can check out my post here}. We were also lucky to be the very first to see their TVC and watch their very adorable little model, Scarlet Snow Belo. Isn’t she just oozing with cuteness and charm? She sure is one of the most well-loved babies on Instagram and other social media platforms! :inlove:

Belo Baby products are heaven-sent especially for mums who are careful and mindful about what products to use on their children. This product line for children boasts of carefully-crafted products that contain all-natural ingredients that are sure to take care of the most delicate baby skin and get the approval of the most meticulous of mums! Belo Baby took extra care in choosing what to put in their products and chose Cocoa Butter {which strengthens and moisturizes skin, and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties}, Shea Butter {a known superfood for the skin and naturally heals common skin conditions of babies like eczema and rash}, and Sweet Almond Oil {a natural emollient for softening skin by locking in moisture into the skin}.

Belo Baby was also careful about what to leave out and most mums will definitely have peace of mind to know that these baby products have 0% harmful chemicals like sulfates {a common sensitive skin irritant that strips the skin of its natural oil}, Tetrasodium EDTA {a preservative that breaks down the skin’s protective barrier}, parabens {synthetic preservatives used to prolong product shelf life and linked to numerous diseases including cancer, endocrine disruption, and skin irritation}, SLS, Tetrasodium Etidronate, phthalates {a chemical ingredient used to soften plastics and to help lotions penetrate the skin}, and formaldehyde, that could lead to skin irritation and an assortment of other diseases.

Belo Baby is, indeed, crafted with care for the most delicate skin, for the most meticulous mums.

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Cool Minion Tees from T-rrific by Inked

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the little man in his cool “Daddy & Mommy’s Little Minion” shirt

Ever since I thought about a minion-themed birthday celebration for the little man, I have been scouting online for a cute minion tee that he can wear to his playschool party. I have seen a couple of online shops selling minion wares, but I did not like the color or the gaudy designs. That is why I was so delighted to discover T-rrific by Inked on Facebook. They have the perfect white shirt with the lovable minions on them and I was in love! I had a brilliant idea and shoot the shop owner with a message asking is she would be agreeable to sending over free items in exchange for my honest review and she readily agreed! ^_^

Unfortunately, I thought of my brilliant idea rather belatedly and the minion shirts did not make it in time for the little man’s playschool party, but we get to wear our matching shirts on his birthday and we are such happy campers. Yes, can you tell I just love these minion shirts that I cannot help but get one for myself, too! Now we actually having matching shirts to wear whenever we go out!   😀

T-rrific by Inked in a nutshell

This lovely online shop on Facebook is run by mompreneur, Margie Lirazan, and sells these oodles-of-goodness onesies and tees for toddlers, children and adults, too. You can choose from a wide array of pre-designed shirts or you can also opt to have your shirt personalized to suit your taste and preference or whatever occasion you plan to use your shirts, may that be for birthdays, baptismal or even birth announcement, for a minimal additional fee. I say these shirts are perfect for dressing match up with your little ones and the entire family!

Mum’s two cents

products, products for children, product review, reviews, products for the family
the other minion shirt sent to us by T-rrific by Inked: this is what awesome looks like

Apart from the fact that I totally love the uber cute minion designs of our T-rrific by Inked shirts, I also love that they use very good quality shirts. The soft fabric makes it very comfortable to wear these tees to just about anywhere. They are priced very reasonably, too, with the toddler shirt {size 10} selling at Php300, while the adult shirts sell at Php350 each for sizes extra small to double XL. I also love the cute sticker that comes with each shirt package, which even includes steps on how to care for your T-rrific by Inked shirts.  Mum gives :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: for this shop!

By the way, did I tell you that they also design party invites, tags and what-nots, as well as sell cool party souvenirs, too? To check out their products and services, do not forget to visit the T-rrific by Inked Facebook Page now.

Disclaimer: I have been provided free items in exchange for my honest review. Views and opinions stated here are 100% my own.  

T-rrific by Inked logo is from their Facebook Page

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