Mum Finds: Tiny Fangs Kiddie Tooth Gel Stage 2

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Oh this is another weekly theme I have been meaning to share here, Mum Finds, where I will share with you products or services that I have recently stumbled upon which I thought you might want to buy or avail for your children or your family, too. For this week, I am sharing Tiny Fangs Kiddie Tooth Gel which I have discovered a few months back in the display rack of a local Mercury Drug, where I was buying a bunch of meds for the little man at the time. Jared has been using the Pigeon Children Toothpaste for the longest time and I thought it was time to switch to another brand, hopefully a greener alternative this time around. I have been using Tiny Buds Rice Powder on the little man for a long while now and when I saw this tooth gel I knew I had to try it, too!

Tiny Fangs Kiddie Tooth Gel in a nutshell

mum finds, products, mum going green, products for children, products for toddlers, personal hygiene products, safe baby products, earth-friendly products,

This is a safer training tooth gel for children aged 3 years and up. This is a Xylitol tooth gel that helps to prevent tooth decay and promote healthy gums. It has a low-foaming formula that helps children to form a good oral hygiene habit at their toddler stage, as well as introducing them to the mild, minty taste of tooth gel. This kiddie tooth gel is also free from SLS, paraben, fluoride or artificial color, which makes it safe for little ones when they accidentally swallow it.

This tooth gel retails at Php99 per 55gram tube and comes in two variants, Stage 1 Non-foaming Formula in Straberry Banana flavor and Stage 2 Low-Foaming Formula in Tutti Fruitti flavor.

Apart from Mercury Drugs branches, Tiny Fangs Kiddie Tooth Gels are also available in Baby Company stores nationwide, as well as in Landmark in Trinoma.

Why mums would love this product?

Everything that is green is all right in my book. The fact that this is a natural tooth gel puts my OC-ish mum’s mind at ease. It is safe for infants and toddlers and is also made from food-safe ingredients and is also FDA-approved. The little man have yet to get accustomed to the minty taste, however, but am sure he will get used to it in time.

To learn more about this product and a bevy of other all-natural products for our children, you might want to check out the Tiny Buds Official Facebook Page.

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Hooray for the new Vitamin C that pops + rocks!

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Do you always have problems whenever you ask your little ones to take their vitamins? I for one have been having recurring problems when it comes to giving the little man his daily dose of vitamin C. For some unexplainable reasons my son has developed a chronic dislike of everything medicine + would really give a fight whenever we’d have to give him medications for his cough, fever, or even when it is just a harmless Vitamin C tablet! Quite a problem if you’d ask me! I’d rather chuck the pill altogether than see him cry, wail + vomit!

Oh well, the geniuses at Unilab, the same guys who gave us Ceeling + Ceelin Chewables, who came up with Vitapops put an end to all our medicine-giving woes + surely revolutionize the way little children will look at their Vitamin C from now on. Imagine turning “taking meds” time into fun time? It couldn’t get better than this! I bet the little ones will have a great experience with this concoction that magically pops in the mouth! It truly rocks + I bet they will even ask mum for more!

products, product review, products for children, products for toddlers

Vitapops in a Nutshell

Vitapops is the most exciting + fun Vitamin C in the market to date. It comes in pop-rocks form that fizzles inside the mouth, making Vitamin-time not only healthy but a fun activity for both kids + mums! Finally here comes a Vitamin C that is not only good for the kiddos but is something they will actually enjoy + look forward to.

Vitapops contains 50mg of Vitamin C in Sodium Ascorbate form + has only 1/5 the amount of sugar found in other Vitamin C products. It is also FDA-approved + very safe for the kiddos to take. + the secret to the popping magic? When the granules that contain Carbon Dioxide come in contact with moisture, it dissolves + the gas escapes quickly producing that fizzing + popping sound!

Mum’s two-cents

What I love about Vitapops is that:

  • It actually makes taking Vitamin C an enjoyable experience for both mums + children
  • It even comes in a very safe single-dose sachet packaging so it is easy for children to carry around or bring to school in their lunch boxes, too!
  • It is very affordable at Php 10 per sachet
  • It can be taken even on empty stomach + will not cause stomach irritation
  • It is very safe + does not cause skin allergies

I cannot wait for my little man to try it, too bad it is only recommended for children 4 years old + up so we’ll have to wait another year until his poppin’ rock experience begins. I’ve actually given the samples provided for me by Unilab to my niece + nephew + they totally liked it. In fact, looking at their pictures, they do not look like they were actually taking Vitamin C at the time at all! Shane even asked me to buy her a box of Vitapops the next time + she promised she’d take a sachet regularly.

Vitapops is now available at leading drugstores nationwide, so I suggest you get some + start that poppin’ rock experience with your little ones! 😀

 Disclaimer: I was provided free samples of this product but all opinion are 100% mine

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product review: copy-kids eat fruits and vegetables dvd

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I am so thrilled to review this innovative, new product ~ Copy-Kids eat fruits and vegetables. My little man is such a fussy eater + it was my long-time dream to see him eat those greens + develop a healthy eating habit early on in life. + this product might just be the answer to all my toddler-feeding woes!

I immediately played the DVD the day we got the package + what do you know the little man instantly fell in love with it. We actually watched it for 2 solid hours, the first time around! He was smitten by precocious little Audrey, as well as with Mani + the rest of the fruit-and-veggie-eating toddlers!

products for children, Copy-Kids, parenting 101, motherhood

To help him get in the mood for eating, I also prepared some veggies for him to try while watching the DVD. I was not prepared the first day, so I only served him what’s readily available in our ref ~ carrots! Oh well, he did not really dived into munching the carrot sticks like the rest of the Copy-Kids bunch, but the show of interest to hold the orange veggie + play with them is actually a big leap for a toddler who normally turns his head away every time I tried to feed him anything other than soup + hotdog!

Copy-Kids, products for toddlers, motherhood, parenting 101

The next day, I bought a couple of veggies featured in the DVD + made the little man a veggie platter before putting it on, he wasn’t so thrilled with his snacks but he was just so excited to watch the DVD again. In fact, it has been one of his most favorite DVD’s to watch since then + would only complete with his ultimate favorite, Cars 2, in the number of times he’s seen it.

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