this valentine’s say it with flowers

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Although I have yet to receive a bunch of flowers on any occasion in this lifetime, I don’t need to actually experience it to know that receiving flowers from your loved ones is simply one of the most thoughtful deeds someone can do for you. Flowers are a thing of beauty + receiving one on a special occasion like  your birthday or Valentine’s makes it all the more special.

Apart from letting the receive know that you cared enough to go through such great lengths as choosing a bunch of flowers you think they’d actually like, different flower colors also convey different messages. Read on:

  • Purple ~ represents success, pride + dignity, as well as admiration + accomplishment
  • Red ~ symbolizes beauty + courage, also represent strength, desire + passionate love
  • Green  ~ symbolizes optimism + renewal, as well as represent good fortune, health + resilience
  • Blue ~ represents openness, peace + serenity
  • Yellow ~ brings to mind the feeling of lightheartedness, it also symbolizes friendship, new beginnings + happiness
  • Pink ~ conveys gentleness, youth, innocence + joy
  • White ~ symbolizes modesty, simple beauty + elegance
  • Orange ~ represents energy, warmth + enthusiasm

So, if you’re thinking of making a beeline to one of those Denver florists or if you’re contemplating on getting the best bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers Denver has to offer, if you happen to be around the area, or if you are anywhere else in the world, don’t forget to consult the list. This way your object of affection will know what your flowers convey at a single glance. Good luck 😉

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i won: just a giveaway by gen online ads

i won, giveaway winnings, from my mailbox

In the beginning of 2012, I got another wonderful news, telling me that I won yet another giveaway, + this time around it was thru this giveaway announcement post telling me that I won a beauty stuff from Just A Giveaway By Gen Online Ads.

I got the package last week containing this lovely glossy lip tint, which I cannot wait to open + try. I love that it has a very delicious flavor + I cannot wait to use it. My lips are prone to dryness + chapping that this is a perfect beauty loot for me, plus, it is actually the only beauty stuff I can apply with much dexterity! ^_^

Thank you, Mommy Gen for this wonderful gift + here’s to more awesome giveaways in the future. By the way, thought I’d share the purple lip gloss package with Crazy Over Purple Meme 🙂

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boxing my christmas tree

christmas tree, home

I did not get around to boxing my christmas tree just yet + I did not get around to posing much of its photos here, so I am making the most of my free Sunday afternoon {the little man is having his late nap, much thanks to the cold + gloomy weather :)} to post some of the images I took of our tree last month.

christmas, home, tips + tricks

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