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Rain showers the past afternoons is a clear sign that we are to expect a rainy weekend + nothing really makes me down + lazy but a rainy day. I am only too glad, that, albeit my day lacked the essential amount of sunshine today, I have enough time to rest + do nothing, taking advantage of the cold December weather.

My week in retrospect:

  • the little man was down with a bit of coughs + colds but taking meds is impossible as usual. I only managed to have him drink the antibiotic prescribed by his pedia once, + with a lot of struggling + drama on the side. Am just glad he’s doing quite well now + we even managed to go out to meet my College best friends yesterday {more about that soon}
  • don’t you just wish you had a quieter bunch of neighbors? My rowdy next-door neighbors successfully managed to wake the napping little man on several occasions now + just last night, our usually peaceful Saturday night was disturbed by someone next door shouting to her heart’s content. Intrigued by whatever their watching on the tellie that inspired the hollers + the cheers, we surfed the channels + found the live telecast of the match between international athlete, David Beckham’s LA Galaxy + our very own Azkals. I had no idea it was on that night. Am not much of a football fan but it is not everyday that you’ll see superstars playing with our very own athletes, right? We ended up watching the game, too, in a much quieter fashion, I tell you, with the little man watching with too much interest as well. My budding little soccer player{?} ^_^ Even if the Azkals lost by 5 points, even Beckham admitted that is was not an easy win.
Anyway, happy weekend + I hop you had as much rest + free time today ūüôā
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