Let’s Join The Journey To A Healthier Life With Robinsons Supermarket Wellness Festival

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Because of the many sad news about people, family or otherwise, falling ill and dying because of diseases, a lot of people are making a conscious effort to switch to healthy living and lead healthier lifestyles. It can be quite a difficult rigorous process and the journey won’t happen overnight but it is good to know that more establishments are also lending their hands to help the people switch to a healthier way of living by offering healthier alternatives.

Take the case of Robinsons Supermarket {RSC}, for example, as they aim to lead their valued customers to a continuing path to a healthy lifestyle by launching their year-long “Route to Wellness” journey and starting the 3rd leg of the Wellness Festival.

Recently launched at Robinsons Magnolia, the Wellness Festival opened its doors to Robinsons Supermarket clientele with a larger-than-life FRESH salad bowl, as well as lots of fun and engaging booths on healthier practices and choices. An afternoon Fitness glow party, led by no less than fitness couple Jim and Toni Saret, perfectly captured the joyful vibe of the celebration.

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