Jared going to school alone? fat chance!

When do you think you should let your child go to school alone?

Jared in his possible school look

When he is 20, I guess (LOL!) Yeah, not until he’s in High School!

There really is a slim chance for me to let Jared go to school on his own. Once he starts going to school, I will be the one to personally bring him + fetch him afterwards. What with all the crazy things happening around us (not to mention my increasing paranoia!), the trouble of preparing in the morning to go to school with him will actually be a welcome trouble + a small price to pay, for not being worried sick the whole day thinking about him.

I’d be boarding the school bus with him in the morning + would hang around the school premises until he finishes his classes. Or maybe I can enroll in a Yoga class nearby, or run around the school grounds, or blog lazily in the school canteen. It actually makes me feel giddy + excited pondering at the thought. Am sure I’ll find loads of things to do to pass the time away whilst I await for my school boy 🙂

What say you? Got any plans on letting your kiddo go to school on his own any time soon? What about your plans to spend the time away while waiting for their classes to finish? Maybe you’ll enroll in computer classes or train to be a radiology technician, perhaps? Or, on second thought, may it will be more appealing to simply relax!  😉

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