doctor!doctor! my son is sick!

What’s the first thing you do when your child falls sick? Call the doctor or ask your mom for a home remedy?

I wish I can enjoy the luxury of bugging my Mama whenever my son fell ill, am sure she has loads of home remedy to recommend, but, alas, I can only do that in my mind + in my prayers, which I think works just fine since Jared has never really fallen ill + I only hope it’s an ordeal I will never have to go through!

Almost all the time, when my little man gets sick, I will call or SMS his pedia immediately. I try hard not to bug her a lot but for my own peace of mind (+ better heath, now that you’ve mentioned it!) I keep her updated whenever I noticed something unusual or whenever Jared is not feeling fine.

Of course, I try not to be a maniacal worry wart most of the time (which is always the case whenever my son is feeling unwell) + try not to lose my head. It was a good thing the worse we’ve had to deal with so far is the almost-asthma-like episodes (I was so relieved when his pedia declared it as an isolated case, the experience is so horrible + Jared was so terrified of the nebulizer, I’d have to force the thing on him, + it was very heart-breaking on my part :()

What is the first thing you do when your child get’s sick? Share it with us at When SAHM-one Speaks

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there goes my week…

Hello again, everyone!

Still remember me? I know I have been absent for quite some time + thanks to my ever-reliable favorite memes (at least some that I still managed to make + I have yet to catch up on my Green Monday entry + it’s a Sunday already! Argh! I’ll just join again next week, then!), this blog stays afloat sans any decent entries from me. I’ve been caught up in the middle of one too many things at the same time, or at least I thought I was, that blogging took a temporary backseat. But, believe me when I say I meant to update this baby so much but there isn’t just enough time to squeeze it into my day, I guess when you become a mum, 24 hours is never enough for all the things you have to do in a day, + you can only wish a day has 40 hours at least so you can finish every single task as planned!

Yeah, it has been pretty hectic these days, for the most part it was all due to the little boss being sick + was diagnosed with asthma! Or at least, we are treating it like asthma as his pedia suggested. I noticed that he was sneezing quite a lot last Friday, that I decided to cancel our trip to Manila to see the Book Fair in TechnoHub in UP + just opted for a trip to the town for some errands (we also drop off our entries for EQ Dry’s contest at the Jollibee dropbox, bought diapers, went to buy postcards for mum’s new found hobby {which I’d be writing about in a separate post, too;)}, a card for Ninang {godmother} Beejay + a visit to the chapel I used to go to in College).

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, he was already restless while he sleeps due to clogged + runny nose. Reason why we were not able to attend the Bloggersfest in Rizal + stayed at home so the baby can rest.

On Sunday, his colds + cough worsened + we noticed that he was having difficulty breathing as if he was running out of breath + he was constantly throwing up his milk immediately after feeding or throwing up whenever he takes his medicine (which happens almost all the time). He was also crying a lot due to irritation with his runny nose. It was one of the most restless nights of my life. I think I slept only for an hour or two + I have to do it whilst sitting since Jared preferred that particular position to sleep so his nose won’t clog even more.

I decided to bring him in so his pedia can have a good look at him + off we went to the clinic on Monday morning. The moment the doctor heard his breath through the stethoscope, she advised me that my son has the dreaded “A” + although it was only his first attack, we shall be treating it as it is, asthma. She went off to prescribe Salbutamol + Pred 10 to ease my son’s condition + told me to go to the nearest hospital for a nebulizer treatment. She also suggested that I borrow one so Jared can be treated at home too!

My son’s first experience with nebulizer is just plain torture + downright heartbreaking for a mum to witness! No matter how much I asked, coerced + begged him (of course, it almost always has no effect on him as he doesn’t understand it full well!), he simply won’t have a go with the nebulizer.

The rest of the weeks was summed up into a lot of crying and frustrating medicine-giving and nebulizing sessions, coughing, sneezing and runny nose,  plus a ton of laundry. It was probably one of the most hectic week of this mum’s life. I guess the worst a mum has to deal with is when our children get sick, if only we can just take the sickness away with a gentle touch + a kiss… Or probably we can get sick to take their place instead! Sigh!

I’m only too glad Jared is getting better now, I might bring him back to his pedia next week so I can be sure he is in A-ok condition. His dad also bought him a nebulizer so he can easily inhale nebules in the safety of our room, and thank God for Owl City, early tonight we managed to have a session with less tears, trashing, + frustration courtesy of Jared’s fave video, Fireflies. Now I’ve learned a trick that would come handy the next time he needs to have his nose nebulized (but I do wish we never get to use the thing again :))

So goes my week, how was yours? I have quite a few more interesting posts to share but I have to catch up on precious zzzzzz. We’ll be trooping to SM City Pampanga tomorrow for some Easter Sunday fun!

Happy Easter!

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