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mother’s day 2012

This year’s Mother’s Day is really uneventful, what with the little man nursing a high fever + mum waking up with a swollen jaw on Mother’s Day morning. The only saving grace of that day is the delicious Jollibee meal we had come dinner time + when my other siblings, Ken + Bel, dropped by …

mum's thoughts

my new yellow watch

I have mentioned in my previous post that I rarely buy new stuff for myself + that when I do I almost always get the ones which are on sale. In January, I saw this yellow watch in one of those groupon sites I frequent for best online deals + I instantly fell in love …

mum's thoughts

some me-time for mum

Slowly but surely I am able to realize one of the goals I have set out in the beginning of this year which is to find time for myself. Surprisingly, I finished reading a number of books which is even better than my one-book-each-month goal. I squeezed snuggling with my little precious book whenever the …

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