Preparing For Your Sweet 16’s Bash

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Your little one’s turning into a pretty sixteener is another milestone every mum is waiting to plan and celebrate. It will be one emotional journey, I bet, especially when you look back to all those many years and the very first time you held your baby in your arms or that momentous day when you found out you were pregnant. I am sure a considerable amount of tears will be shed on your little girls 16th birthday recalling all the happy and beautiful memories you had together.

Of course every mum would love for her no-longer-a-little-gir’s birthday party to be something special and memorable and something her girl and her guest will enjoy, too. Mum will take the gargantuan task of planning and executing everything from thinking of the best party them  to the cake and decors, to the food and  music, just to make sure everything will go well on her little darling’s big day. Although it might be quite a lot to take in and can get overwhelming at some point, mum will take on the task head on and will stop at nothing to make this celebration one of the best days in her girl’s life.

It was a good thing that mum can now check online for a big selection of sweet 16 party themes to choose from. The site, PartyPail, also carries a wide array of birthday treats including invites, thank you cards, decors, balloons, banner and centerpieces, as well as party favors and keepsake. Choose from a number of themes for the one that your girl will definitely adore. You can also take advantage of their free shipping promos for orders over $29 or $100. In addition, you can even grab a themed tableware to match the rest of the party at 50% off. I am sure anyone can find her way around the site as it has the most user-friendly interface so mum will not have a hard time looking for something she might fancy. Visit their site now to give it a try, or you can always dial their hotline, 866-969-7245, for assistance.

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Of Long Weekends + Vacation Spas

A long weekend abounds and I am just glad that we’ve already gone out for a swim last week since we’ll be cooped up at home because the little man is a bit under the weather for a few days now {although I am glad that he is feeling better today}. Unlike us, I am sure lot of people are making the most of the long weekend by whisking away their families to the nearest beach or vacation spot. And one of those destinations that seem to have grown in popularity in the past few years are vacation spas. I have not experienced one yet but I would really love to and I’d bet all the crisp bills I have in my pocket now that I will absolutely enjoy it!  😀

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Incidentally, I came across this awesome site on everything vacation spas: Live, Love, Spa. This is a one-stop shop for all your vacation spa need. They have chock-full of fresh ideas and insights on how to DIY a simple spa break at home, as well as tips on how to make the most of your spa vacation. What’s even better is that they have a database of the most reputable spas around and they will help you search for the nearest one to your location that matches all your spa needs and specifications. They even have a list of all the leading spa brands and events that will be of interest to you and your spa buddies.  Visiting their site with its easy-on-the-eye design almost feel like visiting a spa, too, and reading all those relaxing and pleasurable spa experience makes me want to go visit a vacation spa now! 😉

Have you tried vacation spas? How was your experience?

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Planning For Your Child’s First Birthday Party

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Our little one’s 1st birthday party is definitely one of the most momentous milestone in our childen’s lives, and of course, as dedicated mums, we would like to devout all of our time and energy to make sure that we are giving them the best first birthday bash. I remember when I was planning for my little man’s first birthday, I was giddy like a 5-year old and felt like a little girl given her very first doll to play with. It was an all new experience for me and I had no idea preparing loot bags for children can give me quite a high! 😀

I chose Pocoyo for our very first party theme as the little man was so enamored with this blue boy-of-few-words character. I had Pocoyo lootbags personalized and filled it with colorful and fun party favors that I was sure every guest will love and appreciate. I also DIY-ed a larger-than-life Jared standee as a party decoration. I also rummaged online in parenting forums and blogs for nifty party ideas and tips.

Reviews, other reviews, site review
one of the themes available at PartyPail, perfect for the little man’s next birthday!

If you are doing this for the first time, I am sure you are having butterflies in your stomach, but I am also sure you can go through it with flying colors. For themes, you might as well check out the PartyPail site. They have over 30 colorful and fun themes to choose from and I am sure you can find the best one that suits your little one’s taste. Avail of their 50% discount on tableware kits and get free shipping on your orders, too!  Planning for a child’s birthday party has never been this easy.

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