this mum is loving her smart steps prize

Smart Steps, products, earth-friendly
the little man is loving the box 

You can only imagine my delight when I won a boxful of Smart Steps {one of our major event sponsors} in the recently concluded PMC 2nd Grand EB. My supply is almost running on empty + I am glad I bid my time before replenishing my stocks {read: waiting for the budget ^_^}. I first learned about this new product line when I attended’s anniversary a few months back. Made by the same company that created my old brand, Cycles, which I used to wash Jared’s baby stuffs before he was even born, Smart Steps became an instant favorite.

My little man was born with a very delicate + sensitive skin {most CS babies were, according to studies} that I was a bit wary of using  just  about any products both on him + on his things. So when I read about Eveolution Inc. + its innovative + earth-friendly baby products I didn’t have second thoughts + tried it right away! Perfect for my baby’s skin, I stuck to using their brand, until I found out about their latest innovation – Smart Steps, with the same baby-safe products that are also easy on mum’s budget. Can it get any better than this? 😀

Smart Steps, products, earth-friendly
my boxful of Smart Steps goodies 

Smart Steps has a complete line of cleaning products best for our babies ~ Baby Laundry Detergent {which comes in both powder + liquid form}, Baby Fabric Softener + Baby Bottle Cleanser.

Smart Steps, products, earth-friendly

Here are a few reasons why I am loving these products:

Baby Bottle Cleanser 

  • is made up of 100% food grade + plant-based ingredients that I need not worry about harmful toxins and chemicals getting into my baby’s feeding bottles + eventually, into his body, i can even use it to wash fruits + veggies that I will feed my son!
  • it’s easy-rinse formula also made my daily bottle cleaning chore a breeze without consuming a lot of water + without drying my hands, too!
  • it also leaves a pleasant scent on my baby’s bottles, compared to the otherwise offensive odor that my old regular dish cleanser leaves
  • it is also best to use to wash other baby stuffs including pacifiers, teethers + other toys that often end up in my child’s mouth

Baby Laundry Detergent

  • I have tried this both in liquid + powder form + I equally love them! They leave a very clean + fresh scent on my little man’s clothes
  • it gently, yet effectively, cleans all my son’s laundry less the harmful chemicals + the mummy-worries
  • it has a very safe formula but is also very effective at removing stains from my child’s clothes
  • it is very economical. The 1.5 liter bottle lasted me up to two months!
Baby Fabric Softener
  • I love its very mild scent that is not offensive on little children’s very sensitive nose
  • I love that my son’s clothes keeps smelling clean all day long even when he perspires profusely
  • + since it is pedia-recommended + hypo-allergenic, I am sure my child is safe from rashes + skin irritation
Smart Steps, products, earth-friendly
I also got a bag of these items 
Smart Steps product line contains no dyes + phosphate that can be harmful to our kiddos, plus it is also ultra-mild that makes it best to use for our babies. Not to mention, a very practical choice, too as these products retail at a very affordable price:
  1. Baby Laundry Detergent, Liquid 1.5L – P254
  2. Baby Laundry Detergent 900ml – P140
  3. Baby Laundry Detergent, Powder 900gms – P133
  4. Baby Laundry Detergent, Powder 450gms – P76
  5. Baby Fabric Softener, 1.5L – P259
  6. Baby Fabric Softener, 900ml – P140
  7. Baby Bottle Cleanser 400ml Pump – P124
  8. Baby Bottle Cleanser 250 ml Refill – P69
They are also available in very economical 35ml and 50gms sachets.
Thank you so much, Smart Steps, for these wonderful gifts 😀
Kindly visit Smart Steps on Facebook or Smart Steps Website for upcoming events + promos + for more information about their products.
First + last images courtesy of Mauie🙂
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