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Earlier this month, I got an invite from Soyami for an event-and-awarding ceremony for their Snacking Without The Guilt Contest, which I joined last December {check out my entry here}. I have always enjoyed going to Soyami events {in fact, the first ever event I attended was hosted by Soyami! ^_^} not only for a chance to mingle with other mum bloggers but also to sample their tasty soya chips + my new favorite,  the Soyami Stix. I was invited once to a Soyami cooking demo + I simply loved the idea of using their chips as healthy alternative ingredient for some dishes.

Who wouldn’t love these healthy chips? They are made with real soya + are very high in protein + calcium. Apart from that, it contains no MSG + has 0 trans fat, that you can even give it to the little ones during snack time. These nacho-chip like healthy-goodness snacks also come in three different delicious flavors: Original, White Chedder + Pizza {my favorite}. + what’s even better is that Soyami teamed up with Lightwater {a no-flavoring, no-salt, no-sugar water drink} + Vit. Boost {best tasting vitamins with antioxidants}, by Suncoast, in promoting a healthy lifestyle. A perfect way to start the year right, would you agree? 🙂

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I guess you can tell that I have been meaning to go to this particular event {who would ever pass on the chance to see Marc Nelson in the flesh, right? ;)} but, sadly, no one’s available to look after the little man if I do. Hopefully I will be able to make it in their future events.

Meanwhile if you want to check out Soyami goodness for yourself, you can check them out at leading supermarkets + convenient stores around the Metro. + don’t forget to like their Facebook Page + follow them on Twitter {@healthysoyami}, or visit the Soyami website, for more information on their products.

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snacking sans the guilt with soyami

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I have always been an advocate of healthy eating  but, sometimes, try as I might, I am guilty of mindless snacking, eating chips, chocolates + candies to satisfy my craving or, sometimes, just so I can pass the afternoon downtime away. I know that I have to curb the junk food consumption if I aspire to train my little one to be a healthy eater. I ought to live by example by practicing what I intended to teach him as early as now.

It was a good thing I discovered this healthy snacking alternative, that will let me munch away sans the guilt + the health-hazard that went with eating junk food + sweets ~ Soyami Soya Chips! + what’s even better, it is just so yummy + so healthy, I can even give it to my little one during snack time 🙂

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nutritious cooking lessons with soyami

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I am such a frustrated cook + I aspire to make delicious + nutritious meals my son will actually love + eat, not to mention I am also very fond of cooking shows + demos, that I was so excited to find this invite on my inbox a few weeks back.

So far, we’ve had a very tiring yet exciting and very interesting {birthday} week that time + this event was just the perfect ending to the amazing week it has been.

Jared + mum arrived to ActiveFun in SM – North a little before half past 3. The clouds are signalling impending rain so I decided to leave early to avoid it + so Jared can have enough time to run around the play area before the demo starts.

The event was running a little late compared to the scheduled 4pm but I did not mind, Jared had loads of fun swimming in the colorful balls in the play area, plus I got a chance to catch up with blogger friends, Fedhz, Vance + Mommy Joy {who invited me to this event}, before it started, so it was all good 😉

Soyami Cooking Demo, food, Nadine Tengco
Ms. Nadine Tengco, The Biggest Loser’s Fitness Nutritionist

It was the lovely Ms. Nadine Tengco, a US-Certified fitness nutritionist + currently the resident nutritionist for ABS-CBN’s The Biggest Loser, who provided the easy yet nutritious + delicious cooking demonstration. The menu for the day is Soyami Healthy Lunchbox + she prepared the following: Sneaky Tuna Nuggets, Sneaky Mac ‘N Cheese + Choco-Banana Smoothie. These meals are not only delicious but are also fortified with Vitamins + essential nutrients, with loads of soya goodness coming from Soyami Soya Chips  {soya, used to make these chips, is packed with calcium, fiber + minerals that boost the immune system, improves colon + lung health, is good for the skin+ prevents certain types of cancer, as well as arthritis, diabetes, allergies + osteoporosis}, that children + adult alike needs to go about in their daily activities.

The dishes are aptly called “sneaky” as veggies such as carrots + sweet potatoes are sneaked into these meals {pureed} undetected by suspecting children, clever, right? 😉 {I will include the full recipes in a separate post}

Sneaky Tuna Nuggets – I’ve tasted this + I love it!

Apart from being healthy + delicious, these meals are also very easy to prepare so it is perfect for mums harassed preparing their husbands + children for work + school in the morning. You can even puree the veggies in big batches ahead of time and refrigerate them in ziplocks to be used the following mornings. Convenient + practical, I must say!

Choco-Banana Smoothie

Ms. Nadine gave numerous tips and trade secrets to the participants + even asked some mommy bloggers to participate in her cooking demo. Mommy Joy helped in preparing the tuna nuggets, as shown in one of the photos here:

+ of course, the cooking demo will not be complete without sampling the dishes, + I must say, the tuna nuggets are my favorite {I just love tuna} + I plan to make some of these for Jared to try. I’ve also sampled the Mac ‘n Cheese, just perfect for the kiddos since it is not so salty.

We also sampled Soyami‘s new product, Soyami Stix {I’ll make a separate post on it}, + I just love it. My son tried it, too!  I can’t wait for it to come out in the market so I can buy some for my personal stock! 😀

All in all it was a worthwhile + gastronomic experience, something I’d love to do again. Thanks so much Soyami for the invite, until next time!

By the way, if you want more information on Soyami + their products, you may reach them through:

  • Snail Mail: 123 Guerrero Bldg., Unit 8, Pioneer St., Mandaluyong City
  • Website:
  • Contact Person: Apple Morales
  • E-mail:
  • Mobile: 0917-584-1975
  • Landline: (02)251-9891
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