Tips + Tricks: 5 Fun Things To Do With Your Children This Christmas Break

All year-round everyone in the family is always busy with something. Parents can be very busy with work while the children are preoccupied with school or school-related activities. Christmas break is one of those few occasions when everyone can gather at home and do something fun and exciting.

The few days that you are at home with your children present exciting opportunities to create core memories with them. It is a chance to have long, lazy conversations with them to get to know them better. It is also the perfect time to catch up on your favorite TV shows or that new puzzle.

I have listed a few fun things you can do with children this holiday break:

Write Christmas cards together

Writing and sending Christmas cards and postcards is a fun tradition you can start doing with your children this holiday. Send cards to relatives in far-off places or to your little one’s godparents. You may even choose to send one to his friends, or even to a stranger. You can check online posts looking for people to send cards to the elderly in nursing or retirement homes.

And if you are looking for interesting cards to send, these beautiful Larry Alcala Christmas cards from UNICEF are perfect. You can get them for free for a minimum donation of Php1,000.00.

Play online games with them

online games, free online games, games for children, educational games for children’s Cooking Fever
online games, free online games, games for children, educational games for children’s Lego City Adventures Build and Protect

The kids will appreciate it very much if we will spend time with them doing the things that they love. These online games can be tricky, but we will score a thousand “best mum” points if we will simply try. I tried playing Fortnite, one of my not-so-little man’s favorite online games and it was quite the experience. I am clueless about these games myself. But I did manage to survive a few minutes and got 45th place before another player managed to kill me. So it’s all good!

online games, free online games, games for children, educational games for children’s Bitcoin Tap Tap Mine

You can also introduce them to new online games, like these interesting money games from They have a wide array of fun and educational games that you and the little ones can enjoy. Choose from colorful cooking games like Cooking Fever or try the Math-related games like Supermarket Numbers with the little ones. Introduce your older kids to more complex games like Lego City Adventures Build and Protect or Bitcoin Tap Tap Mine.

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How We Spent Our Extended Weekend

spending quality time with your children, mum's thoughts, simple pleasuresPrior to the warnings about Typhoon Ruby, we are slated to have a long weekend because of the celebration of the feast of the Immaculate Concepcion. An extended weekend is a very welcome change for me as it meant I can sleep in longer and relax for a bit. Due to the inclement weather, we stayed cooped up at home for the most part of our extended weekend, except probably when we managed a short run on Saturday night before it drizzled.

I was too lazy to do anything at home because of the cold weather so I gave up on catching up on my cleaning and just focused on the regular chores that need to be done daily. If I would have my way, I would’ve preferred to have snuggled with a couple of my books and catch up on my very overdue reading but it was good that I managed to get enough rest and I am all good with that. I am also thankful that I managed to get a couple of backlogs done during our vacation. That leaves me with just a handful of tasks to finish and a couple of blog backlogs to tick off my list.

The little man occupied himself with his Lego toys, then his Happy Meal toys when he was finished with the first batch, then moved on to other toys in his stash afterwards. He also watched a number of his favorite Disney films. We also caught a lot of his favorite cartoon shows on the telly and enjoyed goofing around to pass the time. We even managed to snap some photos! ^_^

A good part of our 4-day weekend was spent glued on the telly to monitor the typhoon. It was a relief to know that Typhoon Ruby left the country with only a few damage and even fewer casualties. I guess it worked that everyone prayed for everybody’s safety that what was originally forcasted as a super typhoon lost its intensity as it fell to the Philippine ground several times.

I wonder how you spent your very extended weekend? Well, it is now back to regular programming so expect a number of updates here and on the other blogs, as well. I will also tell you about our MBP Winter Wonderland Christmas Party in another post. Here’s to a lovely Wednesday mums! 🙂

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What To Do This Long Weekend

It is another long weekend here in our part of the globe as the November 1st holiday fell on a Friday and I am sure a lot of families are so excited to plan their activities for the 3-day weekend. Apart from paying respects to our dearly departed, am sure everyone is just about ecstatic to go somewhere or do something fun with the entire family! Personally, every weekend in our household is just another weekend, considering this mum never goes to work, but apart from going to the memorial to visit my parents’ grave, I’d think of something fun and enjoyable for me and my little man to do.  :heart:

Here are a few things you might want to do with your family, too:

  • Go On A Quick Getaway ~ especially for families with members that keep a regular 9-5 job, the long weekend is the most opportune time to go on a quick, yet much needed, getaway. Hit the nearest beach or go to a new destination you have not been before. Make the most of the holiday by catching up with the other members of the family, or with friends, in case, you plan to go with them.

  • Check out Toy Kingdom’s Toy Warehouse Sale Year 7 ~ this will be the perfect time to jump-start your Christmas shopping for presents for your kiddos or your godsons and goddaughters. Loads of branded toys will be on sale for up to 70% off, can you imagine that? If I live somewhere near, I will make sure to check this toy sale out. I will bet my hands, I will find a lot of nice toys that my little man will love! 
  • Go Out For A Walk ~ the nice sunny weekend weather is also the best time to go out to get some fresh air, especially if you have been cooped up at home for days on end due to a sick little man or the bad weather. Explore a bit of your city by going on a walk with your children and your family. I am sure you will find something new and interesting. Who knows you might even stumble upon a very cool looking street furniture, where you can take a lovely family picture or a selfie!  😀
  • Work On A Holiday ~ now this might be quite a bummer for some, but there are those who were a tad busy during regular days that they can only catch up on work during the long weekend. This mum is a perfect example, as I shall be busy tinkering on my blogs, beating up online deadlines and getting my blogs updated.
  • Have A Movie Marathon At Homewe get to have a movie marathon regularly, but the Halloween weekend seems to be great in catching up on those Halloween-related or horror films, if you are a sucker for those. I’ve just sampled the animation, Hotel Transylvania, the other day with my boys + I loved it!
  • Sleep, Sleep, Sleep ~ yes, the long weekend is also most ideal to catch up on those zzzzz and get as much rest as you like. After all, you needed all the rest and sleep you can get, to keep you up and running again when the next week starts. So off to La la land  you go! I’ll make sure we get a good dose of that, too.

Whatever you plan to do for this long weekend, the most important thing is you spend it with the people you love the most. Oh and I’d love to hear about your plan, do share it in a comment below. Happy weekend everyone!  :-))

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