4 Ways To Deal With Bullying In Youth Sports

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The main reason that kids sign up for sports is because they want to have fun. While Parents want their kids to develop their skills, improve team work and ultimately improve their fitness, your child’s willingness to participate will be determined by how much fun they’re having.

However, nothing is more upsetting than discovering that your child’s sporting activities are being eclipsed by bullying. Unfortunately bullying in youth sports still occurs and may take a variety of forms which may include:

  • Team members targeting less skilled players who do not perform as well
  • Intimidating new team members as part of ritual to induct them into a new team.
  • Coaches abusing or yelling at team members for mistakes
  • Jealousy due to other team members with high skills or performance levels
  • Body shaming and put downs that occur in change rooms.
  • Over encouraging parents who expect too much from their child’s performance.

The experience can have a significant affect both emotionally and mentally while seriously affecting a child’s well-being. For instance, your child may:

  • Lose confidence and start performing poorly
  • Develop mental or emotional issues
  • Lose interest in sports and physical exercise
  • Become excluded and lose friendships
  • Develop body image issues.

So how do we prevent bullying? We’ve put together some tips for parents, coaches and clubs that can help.

1. Teach kids how to communicate effectively

Winning is a great feeling and more often than not, winning comes from effective team communication on the field. Teaching kids to communicate effectively, with training drills, can help improve team cohesion, develop friendships and teach kids that on field success starts with how they treat each other.

As part of regular training, coaches should train their team to identify bullying and negative player actions that can have an adverse effect on other players and team performance.

Drills you can try:

  • Have players call each other’s name before passing
  • Have team mates compliment strong on field play such as saying “great pass” or “top shot”
  • Use words that help teammates have more awareness like “got time”, “man on” & “take a shot”.

2. Train coaches to identify bullying

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Join The 1st TropicalSwells SurfCamp!

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Summer is finally here and if you’ve ran out of exciting and fun activities for the little ones to try this year, then you are in the right place as I share all about surfing and TropicalSwells! Surfing is something I absolutely want for the little man and myself to try {now I really have to work on my swimming skills!}, so I truly find it exciting that someone is now offering a surf camp up north. Read on to know more about them and be ready for an awesome summer experience with your family!

Surf’s Up with TropicalSwells

TropicalSwells, a Philippine surf school that offers a fun and safe surf experience for beginners, avid enthusiasts and all interested members of your family, is holding an intensive SurfCamp that starts at a wave pool in Subic and graduates you on the open. The intensive SurfCamp will be a 3-days, 2-nights surf trip on April 29, 2016 to May 1, 2016, teaching you the basics of surfing while arming you with courage and confidence, allowing you to experience being and feeling stoked, and preparing you for surfing ocean waves. At the end of the intensive SurfCamp, each participant will receive a certification of completion from TropicalSwells.

The 1st TropicalSwells SurfCamp will accommodate 15 registrants. The package costs PhP 12,000.00 per participant, and this includes six surf sessions (with the use of surf boards, rashguards and other surf equipment required for each surf session), transportation, accommodation and food. All you need to bring is yourself and your backpack of clothes! Interested participants as young as 4 years old can register for the intensive SurfCamp via https://goo.gl/forms/UpxhfKRXzs

announcement, summer, summer activities for children, best things to do this summer, sports, pr

For those who would like to try out surfing first, we recommend joining TropicalSwells’ IntroSurf. It’s a day-trip on April 24, 2016 that costs only PhP 3,000.00 per person. The IntroSurf package includes 1 surf session (with the use of surf boards, rashguards and other surf equipment required for each surf session), transportation, resort entrance and use of specified resort facilities. We are accommodating only 15 registrants for April 2016’s IntroSurf. Interested participants as young as 4 years old can register for the IntroSurf via https://goo.gl/forms/ys9vfM5vsO.

TropicalSwells holds private surf trips for groups of 15 members for both IntroSurf and SurfCamp as well. For inquiries, please email surfsup@tropicalswells.com.

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reebok easytone launch + fancon

As mothers, we need to be in our tiptop shape to be able to do our duties efficiently + effectively. We need to always be in our best shape + in good condition to be able to keep up with our little ones, who are just bags of sizzling energy. That is why it is also important for us to exercise and be mindful of our health at all times.

It also proves beneficial if we have the proper gear to work to our advantage. So, if you happen to have some free time on September 15, why don’t you check out the Reebok: The Traintone Experience, at Trinoma Activity Center, 6 to 8.30pm. Tons of surprises await the participants. This is a great chance to meet Reebok’s new endorser and witness the launch of FTW Magazine. + if you happen to be a blogger, more exciting things await you as the first 100 event attendees will have something from Reebok!

This is such a fun way to get active, don’t you think? See you all there, if I get lucky + have someone look after the little man for me 🙂

For more details kindly check out Reebok EasyTone Launch + FanCon on Facebook.

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