On Being A Stay-At-Home Mum: 3 Enjoyable Activities Full-Time Mums Can Try At Home

On Being A Stay-At-Home Mum, tips and tricks, stay-at-home mum,, homemaking, homemaking tips

Being a mother is the most fulfilling yet toughest job in the world. Once you become one, it will completely transform your life forever. There will be a lot of changes, but you have to keep up for your family.

You might experience many challenges and struggles along the way as a mother. Nevertheless, everything will be worth it. All the sacrifices will pay off eventually. Being a stay-at-home mom and full-time housewife is never a simple task. There are plenty of things you have to do at home while taking good care of your children. Time management is the key here in order to accomplish all the things you need to finish.

Listed below are some fun activities a full-time mom can enjoy doing at home:

Preparing And Cooking Healthy Meals

On Being A Stay-At-Home Mum, tips and tricks, stay-at-home mum,, homemaking, homemaking tips

When you are already a wife and a mother, it is essential that you learn how to cook. You can prepare and cook meals for the family each day to ensure that everyone eats healthy food. Not only you can guarantee that what you eat is always clean and nutritious instead you can spare some cash by cooking food. In fact, dining at restaurants is more costly than cooking your own meals. Additionally, cooking can help relieve your stress. This can also be a bonding time with your kids or the entire family. You can make delicious Nespresso coffee capsules or prepare tasty snacks for everyone to enjoy each time.

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Thankful Thursday: Productivity + Yoga

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It is time again for another #ThankfulThurday post and today I am thankful for being productive, and yes, for yoga. More about the yoga part later on in the post and let me talk about the productivity bit. I guess you cannot help but feel very productive if you have accomplished a number of tasks and chores you have set out for you in the week, and that is exactly how I am feeling of late. So I am done with a part of my laundry and cleaning the rooms, a few more spins in the washer and a couple of cleaning here and there and I am all done with this week’s laundry and chores. Which is just about fine by me as I will be left with ample time over the weekend to make reviewers for the little school boy for his incoming 2nd quarter examinations. I have also found the perfect Halloween costume for the little man in time for his Halloween Party!

Blogging is also thriving this week as I have numerous projects currently on the brew. Posts about Unilab, PLDT KaAsenso Cyberya, Proactiv, and the exciting new Robinsons Malls App are also slated to be published within a week or two. I have also been to Blogapalooza over the weekend and will tell you all about the numerous things I’ve seen there in a separate blogpost. Not to mention there are also a couple of book and product reviews coming up and I do hope you watch out for them.

I am also preoccupied with some work-at-home tasks in between, and yesterday, just right before I prepared for another blogging event, I finished a 900-or-so-word article, allowing me to tick off another item on my to-do list. Nothing gives me more joy than to be around my little man 24/7 while he is young, and the opportunity to earn a living while being a full-time stay-at-home mum is really a blessing. My son will be little for only a short time and the chance to look after him myself and being given the chance to augment the family income while doing so is more than enough reason to feel blessed.

And, yes, sorry it took a while but here I go with the yoga bit. I was supposed to visit my local yoga center for a class last week but something came up so I had it re-scheduled for this week. It has been a very long, looong while since I was there last and I am only delighted to be back and to hit my mat again. Yoga is my bliss and my sanctuary, it is also my instant pick-me-upper and visiting one of my favorite places, working on my asanas is a very welcome change in my everyday mundanity. Yes, I was sore and aching here and there after my session, but I was also most relaxed and very peaceful. I agreed to be back next week and I am just glad to be back on my mat again and continue on with my practice.

Now it is your turn to share your Thankful Thursday list, I would love to read all about it! 🙂

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i chose to be a stay-at-home mum

What made you decide to be on your current mommy status (WAHM, SAHM, Working Mom)? Was it hard for you?

I am currently a SAHM + is working my way to being a WAHM. Back when I was still pregnant with my son, it never occurred to me that I’d stop working since I was thinking I needed to earn all the more now that I have a son to raise. I was determined to give him the kind of life that he deserves so I needed to work to be able to do exactly that + afford it, too!

It all changes a few weeks before I was about to go back to work from my maternity leave (I get to stay home much longer since I had a CS operation, I was able to care for my son longer + it really is such a blessing!), the thought of my impending return to work + the long hours of separation from my son seemed unbearable + I know I wasn’t really being practical. Two weeks away from my dreaded return to work, I was crying every night with just the thought of leaving my son home for several hours each day to work in the city. It was actually breaking my heart + I was thinking I won’t last for long!

I actually went on to return to work for several months, it was heartbreaking, especially when my little baby is old enough to detect that I was leaving + would show his protest + disappointment about it! When at work, I was always fidgety, not focused on my job + with thoughts traversing back home, to my son, whom I left to my sister’s care.

It was mid-May of last year that I finally decided to call it quits with my job of almost-five-years + my friends + foes + decided to stay home so I can care for my growing baby. I had a discussion with Jared’s dad who agreed + supported my decision.

It was a little difficult to decide, really, since I am so used to having my own job + earning my own keep, but I was thinking more about my son, see. I do not want to miss any more milestones or any more firsts whilst I was away working.  My son will only be a baby once, anyway + not for a very long time so I decided to be with him until such time that he is old enough to be left in the care of a nanny, or a sister, if faith will be too kind.  I was thinking there will be enough time to work in the future so I can save up for his College education, for now, I’d love to be with him 24/7, showing him just how much I love him + that I will give up anything for him.

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