Mum Lists: Top 4 Things To Consider When Planning For A Family Vacation

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David Straight

Summer is the best time to go on that long-overdue family trip. For starters, the weather is just about right for whatever fun and enjoyable adventure you have in mind for the whole family to enjoy. Whether you plan to frolic on the beach, go on a camping trip, or have an awesome outdoor adventure in a park or a zoo, you are most likely to enjoy the day to the fullest without worrying for the rain to ruin it.

Summer is also that time of year when the children are on break from school and have loads of free time in their hands, which is perfect for those two-to-three-day-summer-getaway in a far off island or a lovely overseas destination where the whole family has been dreaming of going for the longest time.

Of course, planning for the entire family’s trip is no walk in the park and adding small children into the equation makes it much trickier. There are a number of things the designated travel planner ought to consider, including: 

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Travel: The Gorgeous Beaches of Goa, India

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Goa is easily one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Goa has much to offer the holiday makers and this includes heritage Churches, incredible cultural experiences, adventure activities, and exotic cuisines. But one reason the world heads to Goa is because of its gorgeous and happening beaches. If you are in India getting to Goa is quite easy. All the better if you happen to be in Mumbai which is the financial Capital of the country you can easily book Mumbai to Goa flights at affordable price. Goa with a coastline of more than a hundred kilometres has a huge number of beaches, many of them unexplored and secluded. Goa seems to have a beach for every mood. A beach to party in, a beach to just laze and sunbathe, a beach to indulge in water sports, and so on. Here we take a look at some of the top beaches of Goa.

Calangute Beach

The Calangute beach is located in the northern part of Goa and is one of the more popular beaches. It is visited by thousands of international and national tourists. The beach resonates with the celebration of revellers especially during Christmas and New Year. Many water sports activities and parasailing is available at the Calangute beach.

Anjuna Beach

The Anjuna beach is one of the most happening beaches in Goa and has been a hub of activity since the 1960’s when hippies made a beeline to this beach. It is the favourite beach that backpackers head to. Every week on wednesdays the famous Goan flea market takes place in the vicinity. If you want to party till you drop in the wee hours of the night then Anjuna beach is where you need to head to.

Vagator Beach 

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Travel: Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Adelaide Soon

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Explore the lovely South Australia for your next getaway! You have a lot of things to discover in this stunning state, so there is nothing to worry about. Visiting its capital city, Adelaide, is a great idea because of its awe-inspiring attractions and exciting activities meant for people of all ages.

Apparently, some say that Adelaide is a boring place to visit. But this concept is definitely wrong. If you just travel here, you will see its fascinating blend of cultural, architectural, culinary, and historical aspects. You will surely be captivated with its offerings and your vacation will be one for the books, whether you are travel with your kids, solo backpacking, or taking a group adventure.

Listed below are a few remarkable reasons why Adelaide should be your next travel destination:

Adelaide Has a Wide Range of Events and Festivals

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WOMAdelaide festival

Spend your time off by attending plenty of fun events and festivals in Adelaide. You can best catch these festivities in March as there are a lot of happenings at this time. These celebrations will give you time just to chill and make the most of your break. Don’t forget to witness the popular festivals in town, such as WOMAdelaide, Tasting Australia, Tour Down Under, and Fringe Festival. You will surely have the best time attending these events with your loved ones.

Adelaide Offers the Best Food and Wine in Australia

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5 Family Camping Traditions That Will Last for Generations

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The look on your kids’ faces when they catch their first fish or bite into the first gooey S’more of the season is priceless. Taking your little pioneers on an annual camping adventure not only fosters the love of nature, but it creates memories that last a lifetime.

Camping as a family instills valuable life lessons of awareness, independence, safety and cooperation. It’s also a lot of fun and something everyone can look forward to every year. You don’t need much to get out and experience the outdoors. And the campsite is the perfect place to start family traditions. Here are some fun ideas to incorporate into your annual family camping trip.

Set Up

Allow the kids to help design the layout of the campsite upon arrival. Consult with them where they think the tents should go as well as the makeshift kitchen. There will most likely already be a fire pit, so involve everyone in gathering firewood and kindling. Designate an area for recreational supplies and separate areas for enclosed trash cans.

To keep up with traditions, you might reserve a specific week/weekend for the annual event. Kids will better understand how the tradition works if the dates are the same.


Camp cooking can be as simple as hot dogs or it can be a truly gourmet experience. You and your family should have planned out your meals ahead of time so you have the right supplies. Now, it’s simply a matter of execution. Give everyone their duties and be sure to involve every member of the family. Cooking together will instill guidance and cooperation in the kids, and will help them appreciate mealtime at the campsite.

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