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June 2 – Favorite Teacher

For June’s GT edition, it is all about the back-to-school topics + for this week, we are to post about our favorite teacher.

I’d say my favorite teacher is Miss Aimee, she is our professor in one of our Computer subjects back in College. I later found out that she is the daughter of one of my favorite teachers in high school, Ma’am Aida. Ms. Aimee is simply the coolest, maybe because she was more of a friend than an authority figure, see she is just a couple of years older than us + she was a fresh grad + took on the teaching post in our school during my freshman year. She is a very accomplished + an outstanding student, yet she is one of the most down-to-earth person I know. We would often have small chats after school or eat out in Jollibee (which was newly opened back then) with her.

Writing about this made me miss my former teacher, I have not heard from her in a while, the last time I heard, she is working abroad. I hope me + my College friends can meet up with her if given the chance.

How about you? Who is your favorite teacher?

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