Better Product Sellers Through Best-in-Class Training From Acer

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Jeffrey Mariano, Product Lead for Mobility of Acer Philippines, Inc., for his Product Update on Mobility presentation during the Channel Partners Enablement Program or CPEP held recently.

Acer Philippines continues to provide its channel partners with enough selling skills through continuous training provided by the tech giant’s Channel Partners Enablement Program (CPEP). The program was designed to equip Acer’s commercial sales partners with the latest updates on Acer products and solutions together with Microsoft Philippines. CPEP also lets channel partners be further trained to develop not just their selling skills but also their personality through a soft-skill trainer. Later, the attendees were given a certification examination and qualified channel partners received sales certificates from Acer Philippines, Inc. Company officials such as Manuel Wong, Acer Philippines Managing Director welcomed the participants, while Microsoft Philippines Windows Marketing Client Specialist Eufer Pasion, provided Microsoft Windows 10 Pro updates. Jeffrey Mariano, Acer Philippines Product Lead for Mobility presented product updates on Mobility, Alex Araneta conducted the soft-skills training while Laura Lu, Business Development Manager from Acer headquarters lectured on Smart City Solutions.

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Spyware For Android Phones Pulled Off Market

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Recently a well-known South Korean parental monitoring and control spyware for Android phones has been pulled off the market on request of the government due to concerns over information leakage and data security issues. The app known as Smart Sheriff had initially been made a mandatory app by the South Korean government on Android Smartphones sold to kids under 18 years of age.  But amidst fears that it has flawed and weak security and the risk of leakage of personal data of several hundred thousand minors; the government has asked for it to be taken down.


This is not the first time such an incident has happened, previously a similarly flawed app with weak security called mSpy had the information of their clients hacked and it was leaked on the Internet available for people to see.There was a lot of commotion initially but nothing happened; the company is still operating and people are oblivious to the fact that their personal information is available on the Internet including credit card numbers and smartphone usage profiles.

Solution and Ideal Example:

Looking at this, it brings to question what should a parent do? Parents should first of all do a thorough background check of the app they are planning on buying. They should make sure that the spyware for Android phones that they are going to use has no negative reviews in the news. Next, they should make sure that the app company has high encryption and security measures implemented to avoid the kind of aforementioned scenarios. It might be a little time consuming, but it will pay off in the long run.

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Choosing Mechanical Components to Make Your Job Easier

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When you are in charge of making sure that your company’s equipment works properly, you may need to stock up on parts like medical casters and other components that make pushing and pulling heavy carts and equipment easier. The people in charge of transporting this equipment may be hurt or even punished for not making important deadlines if the carts that they are pushing and pulling fail to work properly. When you want to keep these items in good working order, you can find parts to repair or upgrade them online.

Casters for All Conditions

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