5 baby products i can’t live without

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Motherhood is no walk in the park, + now that I think about it, I really cannot imagine how I managed to take care of my little man, with loads of help from my siblings, up to this day. We’re half-way through the terrible/terrific two + if I were to grade myself as a mum on how I fared against this phase, I think I should give myself a 5, just a stone’s throw away from going through it with flying colors but also on the brink of failing! What can I say, toddlers are really quite a handful + more often than not, I wanted to throw a tantrum myself 🙂

Here are 5 baby products that actually made the last 2 + a half years a lot more easier + I don’t I can do without them:

1. Baby Wipes – I say a little thank you to whoever invented these things, they sure made the mess easier to deal with + they make for perfect travel companion, I never leave the house without them, especially if I tag the little man along
2. Bathtub – bathing my baby when he started crawling + toddling on his own would have been scary + disastrous if we were not able to get him a bathtub to begin with. With his bathtub, I am sure he won’t slip or bump into things around the bathroom during bath time.
3. Bottle Brush Cleaner – I can no longer count how many hours I spent each day washing my baby’s feeding bottle + I cannot imagine how I’d do it more efficiently + quicker without these bottle brush cleaner. I swear by the ones made by Pigeon, I am using the last one I bought for almost 2 years now.
4. Milk Container – another must-have, not only for traveling but also when you are at home, saves you all the time spent on scooping all those numerous scoops of baby formula. Imagine the convenience of simply pouring pre-measured baby formula in the wee hours of the morning + you were half-asleep, it is impossible to measure the milk accurately with your one eye closed 🙂
5. Baby Videos – are they even counted? But they sure made for perfect entertainment when mum has to do the house chores, not to mention, they’ve thwarted numerous meltdowns + temper tantrums.

What are the 5 baby products you can’t live without? Do share them in a comment below, right? 🙂

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