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I don’t think I’ve mentioned that we are living in a two-storey house now + that I’ve decide ¬†to place the computer table in our room upstairs so that I may be able to keep watch of the little man whilst I blog away in the wee hours of the morning {a schedule that I think is the best for us!}. The downside is that there is no way I can keep tabs on my blogs + e-mail once we’ve headed down to the living room. + will only be reconnected to my online endeavors late at night when we head back up again so that Jared can sleep or when I try to sneak upstairs while he is having a nap in his playpen ūüôā

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So you can just imagine my surprise when I wander upstairs to check on my mails one afternoon last week + found that I was $10 richer! Apparently I won in sis Mel‘s Ukranian Easter Eggs Giveaway + she immediately sent my winnings to my Paypal account! Winners are posted here:D

Thank you sis Mel for this pleasant surprise, now I’ve got extra moolah to buy Jared some new toys + this set of educational DVD’s I saw online 2 days ago! ūüėÄ

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mumwrites top 10 commenters for september

It is that time of the month again to thank all those who have been faithfully visiting + leaving their comment love to this site. I know I have been pretty preoccupied this past few weeks + I was not able to bloghop much, but I hope once we are settled in the new house + with the bad weather {hopefully} gone, I might be able to focus more on my online life + its effects!

Again, thanks so much to these amazing Top Commenters for always stopping by:

 gagay gagay (8)

Jessica Jessica (6)

Techie She Techie She (5)

Shydub Shydub (4)

Honney Honney (3)

Jheng Ingua Jheng Ingua (3)

leira leira (3)

Mitchteryosa Mitchteryosa (3)

Rcel Rcel (3)

Divine Caraecle Divine Caraecle (2)

I am placing the top 3’s badges on my sidebar as a little token. To gagay¬†+¬†Jessica, i checked out your blogs + failed to see any badge or codes, please send them to me thru my contact form so I can place your lovely badges on my sidebar ūüôā

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