my toddler's temper tantrums

How do you face or control your child’s temper tantrums?

My son would normally throw a tantrum either when he is hungry, or sleepy or he wants something that is not given to him (like my gel pens for example, which he loves to play with, brandishing it around like a sword, unmindful of the worried mum that is thinking the pen might prick or hurt him). Of course, it is doubly hard to reason with an almost-2-year-old toddler compared to his older + bigger counterparts, so I’d usually just speak to him in a mild (the mildest I can muster!) voice, explaining why he cannot get away with what he likes this time or telling him that the he needs to sleep!  Often times, it will be answered by squirming + screaming + struggles to break free from mum’s arms or to get up from bed where I initially deposited him so I can put him to sleep. We will have a sort of wrestling for awhile until he’d realize he can never get away with it + gives in eventually. I guess, the key is to have enough distraction so he’d soon forget about the looming tantrum! 🙂

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