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Note:  I  just found out that commenter Gene + Wandering Gene share the same links, so it is no question that she is our July Top Commenter! Expect something from the mail from me very soon. I will be sending the map card to Filipino Recipes, so please send in your details thru my contact form, thanks 🙂

It’s time again to give out thanks + appreciation to everyone who’s gone out of their way to visit + leave their comments. Thanks so much to the following top commenters:

Filipino Recipes Filipino Recipes (8)

Gene Gene (7) 
Wandering Gene Wandering Gene (5) 
Clarissa Clarissa (4)
Mars @ The Life Encounters Mars @ The Life E… (4)
Pinx Pinx (4)
The Pepperrific Life The Pepperrific Life (4)
The Travel Diva The Travel Diva (4)
Trish Trish (4)
cheerful cheerful (3)

I’ll be placing the top 3 badges on my sidebar for the entire month (+ since it is already the 7th, I’ll keep them there until the 7th of next month 🙂 as a token of my appreciation. I also have a little something for Filipino Recipes, my top commenter, so please send me your details ASAP! Also, to Gene, who is my second + 3rd top commenter, expect a map card in your mailbox, soon + can you also send me a copy of your badge codes to place on my sidebar, you can send 2 badge codes since you got both the 2nd + 3rd spot, thanks 🙂

Again, thanks so much guys! I hope you keep ’em comments coming as I truly look forward + enjoy reading them. Also, please visit my son’s site, Jared’s Little Corner, + don’t forget to join our Birthday Giveaway, exciting prizes are up for grabs, including a $100 grand prize!

Happy Sunday everyone!

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