top commentators of july

top commentators, announcementTime again to roll out big thank yous to those who have been visiting + leaving their beautiful comments in this mum blog. Unfortunately, none of my lovely commentators qualified for the Top Commentators Giveaway¬†{where in I noted that in order for someone to win, he/she ought to leave at least 25 comments} but I would really love to commend my top commentator, Dorry Lyn, so I’ll be sending her a little something thru Paypal, so please do not forget to give me a buzz with your Paypal ID, right? ūüėČ The prizes for last month Top Commentators Giveaway shall be included in our Let’s Celebrate August Giveaway!, instead!

Anyway, thank you very much to my top commentators for the month of July + I wish to see you all in August, too! ūüėÄ

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top commentators for june 2012!

top commentators, announcement

Oh well, what do you know, it seemed only yesterday when we were ushering then new month of June + now we are saying goodbye + welcoming July! + yes, it is that time again to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who’ve visited + left their comment love last month, even if I was a tad busy + wasn’t spewing much posts like I usually do!

Without further ado, thank you to my June Top Commentators!  I shall be placing the badge of my Top 3 commentators at my side bar for the whole month as a little token. Zoan, Anne lei + Rcel, kindly get back to me with your badge codes so I can place them right away! You may leave a comment or use my contact form, too!

That’s about it! But¬†you might want to keep an eye on my¬†Top Commentators Giveaway¬†{I know I made a promise to post it last month, but alas, I never found the time to do so!} which shall officially start this month, I swear! ¬†Instead of a placing the top commentators badge on my sidebar, I shall be sending a little token to those who’ve religiously visited + left comments here! So I hope you stay tuned for that. That post should be up after this one! ūüėČ

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may 2012 top commentators

I cannot believe how time flies! I have never found the time for a proper summer vacation + now we are ushering the rainy season! Oh well, hopefully I’d be able to find ways to have a splash anyway before the storms start coming in.

Anyhoo, it is time again for another round of “thank-you’s” for those who visited + left their lovely comments, although, I know I have not been able to update this baby regularly as much as I wanted to. The sickness, the home chores + other offline business to attend to somehow made going online in the wee hours of the morning to tinker here impossible. Hopefully I might be able to make progress this month + get more comments + visits in the process, too.

Anyway, without further ado, here are my Top 10 Commentators for the merry month of May. Thanks guys + I hope to see you all here next month! + do watch out for my Top Commentators Giveaway beginning this June {will make a post soon} + while you are here, I hope you join my Oli’s Uncommon Cents Books Giveaway, there are only two more days left before this ends +¬†I am giving away a $20 Amazon Gift Card along with 3 copies of the book! ūüėČ

image is not mine

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