Event Alert: Join The Hot Wheels Epic Race

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Summer is indeed upon us and if you are one of those mums who are driven to their wit’s end with a constant blubber of “Mum, I’m bored!” or “Mum am tired of staying at home!” or just simply looking for something awesome for your little ones to do during their vacation, then you must check out the Hot Wheels Epic Race!

Hot Wheels Epic Race had its Central Qualifying event at SM Megamall on 9-10 April, and its South Qualifying event at SM BF Paranaque last weekend. Its last and North Qualifying event will be held at SM San Lazaro on 23-24 April and promises to be one awesome event for boys who seem to be all car-crazy {oh well, even big boys are, come to think of it!}. Too bad we’ve missed out on the 2 previous events but I sure hope we can catch the last event this weekend or hopefully, the Semi Finals taking place on 14 May in SM Mall of Asia.

events, announcement, toys, products, children products, products for children

The event was centered on the brand’s purpose of exhilaration and achievement for every kid. Here boys aged 3-10 years who possess a daring, imaginative, driven, and competitive attitude can get a chance to race their favorite Hot Wheels cars at the gravity-driven track set. The fastest 20 from each of the qualifying sites will advance to the semi finals.

To qualify for the Hot Wheels Epic Race all you have to do is:

  • Purchase at least 2 Hot Wheels Basic Cars from the participating store
  • You get a maximum of 2 trials per car and the fastest speed will be recorded
  • Top 20 fastest speed record will be shortlisted to join the Area Qualifying Rounds

Another feature that I am sure all Hot Wheels fans will love is the chance to view a living diorama with improved tracks, connectors, launchers, and stunt kits from the all-new Track Builder Unlimited. Kids will get loads of ideas here on how they can transform their own rooms into a How Wheels Epic race track! This sure is a great way to make your summer epic, right?

Hot Wheels also sent us a Speedtropolis Track Set and the little one was so excited to build it with his dad before I even took pictures of it! He’s even asked me to get him another Hot Wheels car so his new buddy will not be lonely. We shall be sharing about it next on Jared’s Little Corner.

For more details about the event, make sure to visit and follow How Wheels on Facebook, facebook.com/makeitepicph

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My Very First Lazada Shopping Haul

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I got a couple of vouchers from Lazada.com.ph which I used to order a couple of stuff for me and the little man just recently. Jared’s 4th birthday is fast approaching so I decided to get him this Cars 2 double decker transporter bus which he wanted to have for quite some time now. I also ordered a couple of Thomas the Train books for my boy, as well as a book and a jeggings for myself.

simple pleasures, online shopping, Jared, toys, children toys
the little man very happy with this very advanced birthday gift! 🙂

I am a first time Lazada shopper and for the pleasurable experience, I think it will be my go-to place whenever I need to do some online shopping. What I love about it? The site is so easy-peasy to use that even children can buy from them. True to their word, they offer 2-day delivery to places like ours which is quite near but is out of bounds from Manila. The items are neatly packed and placed in pouches, or in boxes in case of fragile items like cosmetics and tin lunch boxes. And what’s even better is they even offer free shipping on almost all items. Shopping with Lazada not only make shopping convenient and stress-free for us mums, it also allows us to have good value for our hard-earned money with various discount and appealing offers.

Just recently Lazada tied up with another industry giant, Megalink,  check out the rest of the press release here:

The country’s biggest online shopping mall, Lazada, is officially the only e-Commerce company in the Philippines accredited by MegaLink, a major ATM Network in the country.

Purchasing goods at www.lazada.com.ph is now made easier as the recently signed partnership introduces a first in local e-Commerce. It allows online shoppers all over the country to conveniently choose a payment option most convenient to him/her, adding MegaLink to Lazada’s proven and flexible existing methods: Cash On Delivery, Credit Card, Installments and PayPal.

CEO and Co-founder InancBalci states, “We, at Lazada, want to continuously improve the shopping experience for our customers. MegaLink payment option will make shopping at Lazada more convenient. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.” Through this new payment method, customers can pay for their orders using their MegaLink ATM and Cash cards.

 Currently, accepted MegaLink cards areUnionbankATM Cards, UCPB ATM and Cash Cards, MASS-SPECC Cooperative Development Center ATM Cards and Pacific Ace Savings Bank ATM Cards. More MegaLink cards from the rest of the MegaLink network participants will be available before the year ends.

Lazada will shoulder all service charges making this feature a very enticing option to the millions of Filipinos bearing cards within the MegaLink network.

Thanks so much Lazada for such a pleasurable online shopping experience. I give you :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:  for a job well done. And thanks for my latest haul, too. Even my little man loved them!  :heart:

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Get A Despicable Me 2 Toy For Every McDonald’s Happy Meal

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If you are a mum with a child who loves the minions from the film Despicable Me, then I am guessing you are having a McDonald’s Happy Meal diet in the next few weeks as they offer free minion toys from Despicable Me 2, which by the way will be showin in cinemas nationwide come 05 July. I am sure your child, much like my own, would be so excited to collect each of the 9 minion toys that come with each Happy Meal, so prepare your tummy and your wallet!  😀

promos, McDonald's Happy Meal, toys, freebie alert

There are 7 minions and 2 evil minions in this collection, including Dave Gadget Grabber, Tom Googly Eyes Grabber, Tim Giggling, Stuart Light Up Grabber, Tim Giggle Grabber, Stuart Babbler Grabber and Evil Minions Noisemaker and Chomper. We already have 2, Tim Giggling and Tom Googly Eyes Grabber, from our visit to our local McDonald’s earlier and we hope to collect all of them in the next few days!

Which minions have you got so far? Do share in a comment below and let’s all have fun collecting!  😀

images are not mine

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