eld puts an end to back problems

Are you suffering from recurring backache + pains? ‘Cause I am! Motherhood surely is one big factor that contributes to back problems. Since our pregnancy, our backs have been subjected to heavier loads helping us carry our little bundles of joy inside our growing tummy. When our baby came out, our backache doubled due to many hours of carrying our little babies in our arms. You will find yourself crouching a lot: when you change diapers, when you keep guard at your baby’s crib late at night or simply when you adoringly stare at your little one for hours on end, marveling at the beautiful creation you brought out into the world. So much for back pain relief + good posture!

And, if you are a blogger who spends one too many hours in front of the computer to do your online work, + unless you are sitting on the most comfy chair, be ready for yet another rounds of backache + pains!

Another backache contributor comes in the form of driving + traveling. Long hours of travel can surely take its toll on anyone’s back that is why it is best that you equip yourself with back rests and sitting cushions to make your journey a comfortable + pleasurable one. Surely your back will thank you for it!

If you are looking for innovative product to end your back woes, you might as well try out ELD’s Posture Correction Cushion.

Advantages of the Posture Correction Cushion:

  • it is a high-elasticity smart cushion
  • it has memory foam line that stores the contour of the user’s hips for maximum comfort
  • it help maintains good posture
  • it decreases pressure on the back
  • its specifically-shaped design, coupled with the mesh fabric improves air circulation, eliminating discomfort even after sitting for a longer period of time
  • it comes in highly-fashionable colors: Pink + Navy

About the company:

ELD, Co. LTD., which started in 2006 under the name Daul International Corp., is a company that makes carry-on bags, luggage, golf + living goods and a host of other travel essentials. It also boasts of ISO-9001 + ISO-14001 quality management certifications, which is a first in the travel bag industry. Apart from the Posture Correction Cushion, ELD also carries  EDDAS + ETHOS brands which are sleek + stylish travel bags that expresses both personality + professionalism.

For more information about their innovative products, you may want to check out ELD here:

  • Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ELDKOREA
  • Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ELDKOREA
  • Twitter:  https://twitter.com/ELDKOREA

Or you may send your queries to:

Contact person : David Park
Email : eldkorea@gmail.com / eldkorea@naver.com
Phone :  +82-31-907-5526
Fax :     +82-31-907-5527
Website : www.eldkorea.co.kr / www.eddas.co.kr

Now let me just check where I can buy one of those support cushions, my back is in dire need of one!

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