all i want for my birthday is…

I am turning a big 32 today + you know what else I want apart from this nasty cough + colds to go away? I wish the rain will abate + somehow for typhoon Mina to stop bringing in the unkind weather in our land! It has been rainy for several days now. Last Thursday, the little man + I was not able to go out cause it started drizzling the moment we were about to leave + it went on for several hours or so.  A lot of our plans to go out had been thwarted by the unannounced rain + we’ve been trying to keep sane locked up in our home.

All I want for my birthday is to go out + spend some fun time with my son anywhere else apart from the house! Maybe enjoy a nice lunch or snacks, stroll in the mall, let Jared ride a merry-go-round {as I’ve promised him one several weeks ago} browse through shops, splurge on some postcards + scout for a nice headphone {I meant to buy a new one as a birthday gift to myself, am just waiting for my funds to come!}. I’d also want to check out California Pizza Kitchen as I’ve never tried eating there before {plus I’ve got a P500 CPK GC I bought online months ago that I’ve been itching to use + is expiring this month}. I also have a GC for spa treatment that I’ve won online that I’d love to use, I’d love to get a mani/pedi {my toes badly need one!} or a massage is also most-inviting.

I just basically want to enjoy my day but unless the rain lets up, am facing another entire day of house arrest, which I pray won’t happen on my birthday. Oh, please….:(

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