more ways on how we can help sendong victims

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Jared + mum are glued on the tellie whenever the news is on to get updates on the plight of our less fortunate brothers in Mindanao. My heart goes out to parents who were not able to save their little children from the flood. I can only imagine the terror + the trauma that they are going through. The death toll rises to 900 plus today + the authorities are even struggling to find ways to give the victims a decent burial.

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typhoon sendong’s victims in cdo + iligan needs our help

As Christmas beckons, it is so sad to think that not most of us are welcoming it with all the comforts, festivities, gifts + feasts, like we are used to.  While most of us are busy doing our last-minute Christmas shopping or wrapping gifts or attending parties here + there, people down south are merely coming to terms with the recent tragedy that struck their areas.

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This image instantly invoked the image of how my province was like during the onslaught of typhoon Pedring a few months back. It left numerous barangays + millions of people in deep, murky waters for almost a month. Such a tragic site, really! History is repeating itself, only the victims now are our brothers + sisters {along with their poor children} in Cagayan de Oro + Iligan City in Mindanao. + the culprit, Typhoon Sendong {with the international name of Washi}. 

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