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Like I’ve mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I finally managed to apply for an EON Card last week. For those wondering what this card is, EON Card is usually used to verify + withdraw funds from your Paypal account. I have been wanting to for the past several months, but I did not find the time to visit a Union Bank branch before. So last Wednesday, together with my son + Jared’s dad, I went to the bank’s branch in Baliuag + applied for one. If you haven’t got an Eon Card, I guess it is also the right time you get one

Here are the requirements:

  1. 2 valid ID’s (preferably the government issued ones like Voter’s ID + SSS)
  2. your TIN card as well, as you will be needing the TIN number when you fill out the application form
  3. P350 to pay for the annual fee.

Steps in applying:

  1. Simply visit your nearest Union Bank branch + approach the Customer Service desk, inform them that you will be applying for an Eon Card.
  2. Submit the fully accomplished application form, together with the annual fee.
  3. You will then be told to come back in two weeks to get your card. Just don’t forget to get the branch’s telephone number so you can make a follow-up first before dropping by.

It was really very easy to apply for one, several minutes will be good enough to go about filling out the form + finishing your application. In my case, though, I had to re-write my signatures as they hardly resemble the ones on my ID’s which I did a decade ago.  It was quite embarrassing that I even had to practice for awhile scribbling my signature on a piece of paper until I got it! The hassle of not writing much. It has been eons ago since I’ve written manually + forever ago since I signed any documents! Well maybe it is time to practice my rusty writing skills!

How was your experience like when you applied for an EON Card?

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