5 Tips To A Good Night’s Sleep + A Mother’s Day Sparty With Uratex

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I am sure most mums will agree that we have never been more sleep-deprived until we became mums with little bosses demanding our attention and loving care 24 hours of the day. I remember all too clearly that I stayed awake for about 48 hours when I came home from the hospital with my little bundle of joy ~ a part of me was half-believing I brought home a child and it is mine while the other part was mentally ticking off items from my new and unfamiliar to-do list. It was ironic that I was losing precious sleeping time when I need to be in my optimal best in order to become the best mum for my son. A mum’s sleeping time is scarce, in fact, that it is of utmost importance that we make the most of what little time we have.

Uratex, products, tips and tricks, events, Mother's Day,
this Uratex bed has automatically-adjustable mattress for that ultimate comfort while you sleep.
Uratex, products, tips and tricks, events, Mother's Day,
comfy in this Uratex bed while watching Dr. Aguilera’s video on how to get a healthy sleep

I was invited by Uratex Premium Mattress ~ The Sleep Specialist to their Mother’s Day Sparty held at the Ronac Lifestyle Center at Paseo De Magallanes in Makati City last week. Not only are we treated to a delightful spa treatment, we even got to learn about their awesome mattresses and pillow products during our mini-workshop. Aiming to raise awareness on how to achieve better sleep, we also had the chance to watch a short video by Dr. Keith Aguilera, ENT/Sleep Specialist from the Philippines Society Of Sleep Medicine during the event. He shared the following tips for a healthy sleep:

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Uratex Premium Mattress For A Good Night’s Sleep

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I have never longed for a good night’s sleep and I have never been sleep deprived until I became a mother. I remember I was awake for more than 24 hours when we brought the little man home from the hospital as the realizations on motherhood and parenting were slowly sinking in. Although we have to sacrifice a number of precious zzzz time each day to perform numerous duties, it was not a very sound practice as we mums need adequate amount of sleep at night to be in our optimal selves during the day to accomplish our parenting chores and responsibilities.

Sleep is as important as diet and exercise for good health. It is necessary for clear thinking and memory formation, protection of the body against diseases and repair of cells and tissues of the body. ~ Dr. Deborah A. Bernardo {Head of the Comprehensive Sleep Disorders Center and Chief of the Section of Neurology at St. Luke’s Medical Center}

Among the factors that can contribute to a good night’s sleep include:

  • good ambiance {warm lighting is the most ideal}
  • reduced background noise {textured padded materials do the trick}
  • a conducive atmosphere {the standard room temperature of 18-22 degrees Centigrade}

And, of course, finding the right mattress for you and your family is also of utmost importance! Sleeping in a comfy mattress will allow you to sleep soundly at night instead of tossing and turning every now and then trying to find the most suitable position to sleep. This is the same reason why Uratex, a well-loved mattress brand, uses the latest in technology, the best design, and luxurious materials to constantly innovate the way people sleep.

The technology behind Uratex Premium Mattress Collection include:

events, products, home, home furnishings, Uratex

events, products, home, home furnishings, Uratex

events, products, home, home furnishings, Uratex

Speaking of Uratex, they recently introduced their Uratex Premium Mattress Collection through the Sleep Redefined Event held at the SM Megamall Atrium on 28 May. The event was hosted by TV personality Pia Guanio, and was graced by a number of celebrities including Solenn Heusaff, Elen Adarna, Chef Rolando Laudico, the Boys’ Night Out Gang, Ariella Arida, and Vanessa Matsunaga, who also shared their secrets and routines for a good night’s sleep. But more than being star-struck by the number of celebrities that was present there, I was more giddy at the sight of these inviting and beautiful beds on display!

The Uratex Premium Mattress Collection is comprised of:

  • The Perfect Serenity Collection provides tranquil sleep
  • The Senso Memory Collection gives a more comfortable sleep
  • The Premium Touch Collection is soft and smooth to the touch, and relieves the body’s pressure points
  • The OrthoCare Collection reduces aches when one wakes up in the morning
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Get The Best of Sleep Health Through Mobile Sleep Solutions From Uratex

An adequate amount of sleep during nighttime is a vital part of anyone’s over all health and well-being but did you know that it is not enough that you get the recommended hours of zzz each night to achieve the ideal sleep health? Good thing Uratex came up with the idea of Mobile Sleep Solutions to spread valuable information and help raise awareness about sleep health.

Mobile Sleep Solutions in a nutshell

Uratex, considered as the Philippines’ largest manufacturer of commercial and automotive polyurethane foam and mattress products, recognizes the value of healthful sleep and aims to bring the information to the people so they may reap its benefits.

In line with this, Uratex just recently kicked-off its “Mobile Sleep Solutions” in Quezon City, which aims to educate Filipinos residing in Metro Manila and neighboring provinces on how to get the best of sleep health.

Aided of a customized, air-conditioned van re-designed to simulate a homey bedroom environment, participants learned from Uratex sleep experts about the 10 commandments of sleep hygiene for adults, the benefits of good sleep, as well as the many exciting Uratex products that best suit the variety of sleeping needs of different customers. Participants were able to sample the cozy and comfortable feel of the Uratex Airlite Mattress inside the van, which are designed to offer superior sleep benefits.

The launch of the Uratex Sleep Solutions Caravan coincided with the celebration of World Sleep Day, which aims to promote sleep health worldwide. In addition, the Philippine Society of Sleep Medicine, an affiliate of Philippine Medical Association promoting the importance of sleep health, also conducted a mini conference to commemorate the significant event. Uratex supported this event, too, as part of its better sleep advocacy.

It was such a day of sleep-enlightenment for many guests and onlookers who visited the “Mobile Sleep Solutions Van.” They were all in awe of the unique vehicle decorated with balloons and made alive by the presence of 15 friendly Uratex personnel, led by Consumer Marketing Manager Marvey Alcantara.

“Our guests were so happy about this mobile sleep solutions van. We got many inquiries from people who asked us on the good sleeping habits and the different Uratex products which, according to them, they only see in stores and malls. Now the products are here and they can try these items. They are very interested about the foam, mattress, fold-a-mattress, pillows, portable mats, and our new product line,” Alcantara said.

While inside, guests also joined the on-going photo contest dubbed as the #CelebrateSleepWithUratex, where they can win wonderful prizes simply by visiting the “Mobile Sleep Solutions” with a maximum of five people and taking photos on the Uratex Airlite Mattress. Participants were also instructed to post their picture on Facebook and tag all their friends included in the photo with the hashtag #CelebrateSleepWithUratex and put the link of the photo in Facebook to win via rafflecopter.

Apart from experiencing the Mobile Sleep Solutions van, guests were also invited to participate in exciting games and entertainment found at the game booth across the van. Lucky guests truly enjoyed the fun and even went home with several great prizes from Uratex.

The Uratex “Mobile Sleep Solutions” held at the Quezon City Memorial Circle is just the start of many wonderful days for an approximate 3,000 people who dropped by the promo vehicle. The “Mobile Sleep Solutions” is also slated to motor to different places in the metropolis for the next three months before heading to the nearby provinces of Laguna, Batangas, Pampanga, Bulacan, among others.

To know more about Mobile Sleep Solutiions and about Uratex producs, visit the Uratex website, www.uratex.com.ph and follow them on Facebook, www.facebook.com/UratexPhilippines.

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