tuesday travels: graceland, quezon

graceland, quezon

I went to Graceland in Quezon a few years back (it was my 2nd time to visit this wonderful province, the first time was really first love, I wished I can settle there for good, we went to Lucban that time along with my officemates from my former work) together with my teammates + I just so love the place. The beautiful villas look as if you were somewhere in Europe.

graceland, quezon, travel

There are loads of things to do there, we strolled around + explore the many features + amenities of the place, we took turns in the swing + seesaw. Some took a dip in the pool (I did not, the weather is a tad colder for a swim :D) We drunk (I was still drinking socially at that time, I gave it up entirely not too long ago!) + sample the local delicacies!

The view is simply breathtaking + the place is just heaven on Earth! We took loads of photos, of course + took home loads of wonderful memories! I truly had a great time there, I really wish I can go back! ūüôā

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tuesday travels: i heart baguio!

The view in front of The Mansion

Baguio is probably one my most favorite places here in the Philippines, I have only been there once + I fell head-over-heels in love with it. It will really be ideal if I live there. I love the weather, I love the people, + most of all I love the veggies + the strawberries! ūüėČ

I went there, together with my teammate December of 2006, we’ve stayed for 2 days if I remember it clearly. We did not get the chance to see most of the place, though, as it was raining a lot most days¬† (there was actually a typhoon around that time!). It was really freezing cold, but I just love the weather! It is perfect for just lazily chatting with your good friends + catching up on the latest buzz. + most of all, the weather is just perfect to whet once appetite and go out + sample what Baguio cuisine has to offer. Now, no amount of rain can stop us from going out + eating!¬† We had our first meal at those eateries near Session Road which sells barbeques!

A view from Mine's View

We’ve also managed to visit SM Baguio + go to the market to buy some souvenirs + stuffs. We also did not forget to swing by the series of Ukay-ukay stores in downtown. I was able to buy a knitted, turtleneck long-sleeved top + a purple jacket (or is it a windbreaker) for Jared’s dad. We also stopped by grotto + the butterfly farm, + bought some knitted stuffs from Mine’s View Park, too!

If given the chance, I’d definitely love to go back there. I want to go to the Strawberry Farm + visit the place that sells those yummy Ube jams, too! Or maybe we can venture farther + pay a visit to Sagada as well (oh well, that probably has to be in a separate post altogether!)

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tuesday travels: my favorite beach

the beautiful me sunset

For this week’s Tuesday Travels, we are to write about our favorite beach destination. I have only been gone to the beach a few times in my life, the first time was when I was just 6, I think,. I went to Matabungkay Beach with my sis, Bel, + my Papa, + I must say I really love the beach + if given the chance I’d love to settle somewhere near, so I can be close to the surf, the sun, the sand + the good vibe the ocean water brings.

the lovely ocean

My favorite beach destination will have to be the Coco Beach (see my other posts about it here + here). I just love the place, the greens, the beach, the food + just about everything about it! I went there in 2007 with my teammates (it was part of our incentives for being team of the year), it was also the first time I have even been to the beach in long while + I simply love the experience!

If given the chance I’d love to visit that place again with my family. I know my son will totally love it there, he simply loves the waters ;D

What is your favorite beach destination? Travel with us:

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