Our Latest Pedia Visit

the little man at his pedia’s clinic showing off his Lightning McQueen bandage strip

My little man has just turned three-and-a-half and it is time again to visit his pedia for his regular check-up. It was also time for him to get his DPT/Polio booster shot.

This is not something Jared looks forward to, in fact, he’s telling me that he did not like to go earlier on, but surprisingly, he was excited to visit his pedia and cannot wait for his turn when we arrived to the medical center. He cannot wait to play with all the toys in the clinic and was very delighted to find a metallic Lightning McQueen in his pedia’s pile of toys.

When it is time for his DPT/Polio shot, he was only fussing for a little while and agreed to have it done when I told him that it will only hurt for a bit and will be finished sooner than he expects. He was also looking forward to the McQueen bandage strip that his pedia put on his arm afterwards.

After his flu shot in June, we are done with our pedia visits for this year. Vaccines may not come cheap but I am really glad that we managed to keep up-to-date with Jared’s shots. I must say they sure are effective in boosting my son’s immune system and protecting him from different types of diseases.

So how are you with your little one’s vaccines?

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