a child-friendly home

I did mention awhile back that our house is not really that conducive to raising my almost-two year old baby. This house was more than 2-decades-and-more in age that a lot of its parts, mostly the wood bits, particularly the kitchen cabinets, are peeling + dilapidated. I try to observe precautions of course, + tried harder to steer Jared away from the areas where he might touch something dirty, or worse, hurt himself.

If I would have my way, I’d have this house renovated as promptly as possible. I’d have new kitchen cabinet doors installed and have entire house fumigated to rid it of insects and what-nots. + don’t let me start with the bathroom! If I could, I’d have it entirely overhauled, replace the wall and kitchen tiles with a more kid-friendly alternative and get a new toilet bowl. Maybe I’d also have a new sink + a couple of Bathroom Vanity mirrors installed. It would delight Jared to see himself whilst he bathe, am sure 😉

Alas, since I am jobless + cannot shell out enough bucks for house renovation, I guess I’ll just have to stick with the precautionary measures to keep my son safe for the time being, until we saved enough to afford one, or until I won the lottery so I can buy a new house or I can always keep Jared occupied with his toys (much like in the photo above) 😉

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