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Fashionable Gifts For Newly Weds

Choosing stylish wedding gifts can be a tricky task so you may need to think outside the box! Although the newlyweds would most likely appreciate new kitchenware, it is likely this will be covered by many of the other guests and you don’t want to be buying the same present! Check out these gift ideas …

tips and tricks

A One-Stop Bridal Shop

I can only imagine the stress and the trouble a soon-to-be-married woman is going through, and unless she hires a wedding coordinator to keep tabs on everything related to her wedding day, she will have to worry and fuss about every single detail. Imagine how much pressure she is having, not to mention the the …

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Looking For Interesting Wedding Favors?

Gone are the days when wedding guests receive boring wedding favors after another from attending numerous wedding celebrations. These plain, and seemingly ordinary, favors are often left in the display cabinet to gather dust, practically worthless! Nowadays, would-be married couples, and their wedding coordinators, can choose from a wide selection of practical and useful favors to dole …

tips and tricks

Destination Wedding Etiquette

Marrying abroad is a brave decision. Planning a wedding at home is hard enough, let alone having to factor in all the extra problems that come with destination ceremonies. If you’re freaking out over destination wedding (DW) etiquette, calm those bridezilla fears. Relax and follow our guide to putting the right foot forward when you’ve …

tips and tricks

Different Wedding Ideas

Some people really want to do different things when it comes to their wedding. They want to provide a unique experience for their guests, and make a memorable occasion for themselves. Here are some different ways that you can make your wedding more fun and interesting for your guests. Play a Game The first thing …

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