Just How Fashionable Should A Wedding Dress Be?

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Naturally many brides want to look fabulous and glamorous on their big day but just how ‘on-trend’ should a wedding dress be?

While many BoHo styles are cutting edge there’s also a wave of brave brides opting for dip-dye wedding dresses. These also include celebrities too who have embraced a need to stand out even more with a gown that will catch the eye.

This rise in quirky alternatives is dividing opinion of brides to be, particularly on social media websites where images of brides in dip-dyed wedding dresses are attracting lots of support and interest.

It should also be noted that the same trend is also seeing brides opting for mis-matched bridesmaid dresses and stand-up takeaway-style meals instead of formal three course dinners.

One bride has proudly revealed how she created her unique wedding dress by using airbrush paints on her all-white stylish wedding gown. She also used the multi-coloured approach for her hair and flowers.

Famous singers too have also opted for the dip-dye look while others have chosen a classic wedding dress, for instance, but have it finished in a subtle pink.

New wedding dress designers particularly are looking to stand out from the crowd and they are offering some very impressive and stylish creations utilising dip-dye in a variety of colours along the bottom of the gown itself; mostly these are in a single shade rather than in several colours.

While many brides to be will still opt for stylish designer wedding dresses which have a timeless and elegant look and feel to them, we may have to wait a long time before the new trend of dip-dye wedding dresses really takes hold and for famous designers to join in and offer their own multi-coloured creations.

Indeed, a quick search of various social media websites will reveal the trend is taking hold with some elegant gowns being photographed on Instagram and Pinterest.

It’s also worth mentioning that some brides are not just opting for subtle shades of colour in their dip-dye with some offerings ranging from subtle blues to bright orange, for instance. Whichever shade they choose, they all look distinctly original and stylish which is what the bride intends and which is why it’s a great way to create a modern and unusual wedding gown.

With brides using social media sites to begin their search for their dream wedding dress and with these dip-dye gowns increasingly being featured in wedding dress magazines, only time will tell as to whether brides in the future will opt for a dip-dye dress rather than a traditional stylish wedding gown.

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Fashionable Gifts For Newly Weds

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Choosing stylish wedding gifts can be a tricky task so you may need to think outside the box! Although the newlyweds would most likely appreciate new kitchenware, it is likely this will be covered by many of the other guests and you don’t want to be buying the same present! Check out these gift ideas for quirky, fashionable wedding gifts.

  1. With a wedding comes a honeymoon, why not give a personal wedding gift to the bride and groom that will prep them for their holiday away. A spa gift is a perfect way to do this, purchase a voucher from a spa of your choice that will give the lucky couple a day to themselves in preparation for their honeymoon. You could also treat the bride to some beachwear or accessories if you know her fashion tastes inside out. Source your ideas from an online boutique that will inspire you to purchase something unique that no-one else will have found and beat you to it!
  2. If the couple is young they are probably going to be moving into their first home together so it’s always an idea to get them a gift they can use or display in their new base. This way you can really seek to find something quirky and you’ll be top of the thank you list, quirky ideas could range from ceramic dishes, cushions, photo frames to mugs. Modern home accessories aren’t hard to come by, so find out what interior design the couple is going for and try and find something to match that will also stand out from the other gifts.
  3. It’s always nice to give a gift that you won’t find on the high street and won’t be at risk of giving the same gift as someone else. Personalization is key for this! The list is endless of items you can personalize nowadays; from engraved pebbles to cushions to champagne bottles you can get a gift to be remembered for. weddings, tips + tricks, gift ideas
  4. All couples enjoy sitting back, relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. So why not buy a gift that enables them to do so? A quirky board game is perfect for bonding time! Or perhaps the couple are a little more tech savvy and enjoy watching movies, in which case purchase some funky speakers as an addition to a home entertainment system. Perhaps some jazzy lights that can fit into the front room to create atmosphere with mood lighting.

The list is endless for modern, fashionable gifts so if you know the couple’s tastes and preferences you’ll be able to choose a gift that will stand out from the crowd!

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A One-Stop Bridal Shop

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I can only imagine the stress and the trouble a soon-to-be-married woman is going through, and unless she hires a wedding coordinator to keep tabs on everything related to her wedding day, she will have to worry and fuss about every single detail. Imagine how much pressure she is having, not to mention the the wedding jitters that are sure to cause her many sleepless nights.

It is such good news, therefore, that soon-to-be-brides can count on these one-stop bridal shops, like those bridal shops in Anderson SC, for all their wedding needs. Without leaving the confines of their home or work, or tearing them away from the more important things to worry about in planning their weddings, they can simply browse online for their wedding gowns, as well the gowns for their mums, the bridesmaids and flower girls or the whole entourage even. With a click of a button, they can simply look through a wide assortment of bridal gowns for the perfect one that matches their wedding themes, color motifs and budget, too. They can choose the one bridal gown that stands out from the rest in their various brands. And if they are lucky, they can even get free shipping or avail of 75% discount on wedding gowns!

Did you shop online for your wedding gown? How was the experience?

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