when sahmone speaks: my son living the life i've lived

As a mom, will you let your son live the life you’ve lived?

I was generally an obedient child + being the eldest in a brood of 5, I guess, it actually comes with the territory. There was this unwritten + unspoken pressure hanging over me to do well, knowing my younger siblings will greatly benefit, or otherwise, depending on the course of my action. I have to provide good examples that my younger siblings will hopefully follow.  My routine back in those days is mainly home-school-home.  I seldom went out with friends for an after-class stroll, especially if it wasn’t school-related. I never cut classes + was very determined to get good grades in school. Which I guess I did, much to my parent’s joy! Although I wasn’t the brightest student, but more of your average Jane, I toiled + worked hard so I can finish school + graduate in College.

We are not financially well-off by my parents managed to provide us with our basic of needs, along with some necessities, including a sing-along Karaoke + loads of cassette tapes of my favorite artists (which I ask them to buy instead of a new shoes, which we get to buy twice a year: during the start of classes + Christmastime).  But, I guess the best part of it, is that my parents managed to raise me the best way they knew how. They were democratic + open-minded + they were able to let me have a free reign over my life, which I guess I was able to give back in return, by being a well-behaved daughter most of the time (discounting the episodes where the bratty me surfaces, of course 😉 ) + basically living my life the way that I did.

I would definitely let my son live the life that I lived, with probably an exception of too few details. I want him to live the best childhood he can ever have + I don’t mean buying him all those expensive toys, even if I can afford it (sometimes), but more so, with providing him with the right amount of love + attention + in constantly letting him know that I love him + that I will support him all the way, much like my parents did during the days. I guess this type of parenting will prove beneficial to my child so he can grow to be a strong-willed + self-confident man when the time comes. I want him to live his life to the fullest, + if I can, I plan to stay around much longer, to be here for him whenever he needs me 😉

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15 minutes of fame: a meme feature

When SAHMone Speaks

May is a special month for us Moms, Mother’s Day!. This is the time when most Moms are given tribute for all the hard work and patience extended to the family. Therefore, questions for this month will be relevant as to how Moms take care of the family and up to what extent. No worries, no difficult questions will be thrown.

For the merry month of May, one of my favorite memes, When SAHMONE speaks, will be featuring a bunch of mummies weekly, with their answers to pressing questions about motherhood + parenting. It kicked off with a feature on Mommy Cielo, or the Brown Pinay, last week.  And, yes, you have probably guessed it by now, this week, it will be this mummy’s turn to be featured! Woot!

I hope you check out my answer to this query: What are the aspects of your own mum’s parenting style you’d want to adapt? + I hope you come up with your own answers + join us for a Monday of meme fun! Don’t forget to link up!

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