Announcing The Winner For The Champ Chewable Vitamins Giveaway

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Announcing giveaway winners are always the most exciting so here I am just down to the second day of the month and this is my second winner announcement post already!  😀

This time I am announcing the winner for our Champ Chewable Vitamins Gift Pack Giveaway. And before moving on, I would like to say a bit thank you to everyone who participated in this contest. I wish I can give all of you a gift pack each, but alas, my resources are rather limited and I can only give a prize to one lucky winner. For those who are not so lucky, do not despair I am cooking up another giveaway for all of you to join!  And you can always try your luck with our current giveaways!

So without further hullabaloo, here is the winner:

Congratulations! Kindly use my contact form to send in your details {name, shipping address and contact numbers}! Thanks heaps! ^_^

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Babypalooza Sand Puff + Sophie the Giraffe Teether Giveaway Winners!

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I do apologize for the late announcement, but if you were able to read through my previous post, you would’ve known why I was absent here for the past couple of days. I do not want to make you wait for one second longer, so without further ado here are the winners to our Babypalooza Sand Puff + Sophie the Giraffe Teether Giveaway:

Congratulations ladies! Kindly send me your particulars {name, shipping details, contact numbers} using my contact form so that I can forward them to our sponsor soon. Thanks so much! Do stay tuned for more giveaways soon! 🙂
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Mumwrites + Cetaphil Mother’s Day Giveaway Winners Are Drawn!

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Yesterday was one of the most hectic day of my life. Apart from all the online deadlines I had to beat, I also had a number of offline tasks which I need to finish. I am glad I made it through and that the little man also willingly cooperate. Anyway, I am also glad I was able to find the time to check and verify the entries to our Cetaphil Mother’s Day Giveaway and were able to draw the winners just in time! Yay!  😀

So before I embark on yet another challenging day, yes, the little man is attending his  playschool for the second day now and I am eyeing to get there on time so that he can participate in all the activities and still have enough time to play in the playground, too, which is his favorite part of the playschool, by the way.

Okay, I bet you are now on the edge of your seat wondering whether you won or not, so without further small talk, here are the lucky winners of  a set of {2} Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 {118ml} and {1} DailyAdvance Ultra Hydrating Lotion {85g}.

giveaways, giveaway alert, winners, announcement

Email notification will be sent to each of you and kindly reply with your particulars within 48 hours, otherwise you forfeit your prize!

That’s about it! I know I have not been updating this baby {most of my other blogs, too} since Jared and I are rather busy offline, but I promise to catch up on my backlogs as soon as I can. I shall also be back with more exciting giveaways soon, so stay tuned and let’s all  have a happy Tuesday!  :heart:

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