winners of thanksgiving coupon + cash giveaway

Thanksgiving Coupons and Cash Giveaway

Here are the winner’s of the Thanksgiving Coupons & Ca$h  Giveaway Event:
1st  prize of $200 and one 5pack of coupons – Melissa Spiegel
2nd prize of $100 and one 5pack of coupons – R. A.  Anthony
3rd prize of $50 and one 5pack of coupons – Gloria Schumann
4th prize of $50 and one 5pack of coupons – Sue Peterson
5th prize of $50 one 5 pack of coupons – Jennifer Landers
6th prize of $50 and one 5 pack of coupons – Sara Tullos
7th prize of one 5 pack of coupons – Ginny71
8th prize of one 5 pack of coupons – Quanda
9th – one 5 pack of coupons – Amanda Starr
10th  prize of one 5 pack of coupons – Lisa Weidknecht
Congratulations + looking forward to sponsoring another giveaway like this 🙂
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And the winner is…

Pasko Sa Agosto, giveaways

I do apologize that it took me a very long while to announce the winner for my Pasko Sa Agosto mumwrite’s $15 Paypal Cash Giveaway! I have been caught up with one too many things, including a web-hosting glitch, an internet connection failure + yes, my recent domain transfer {did you notice? ;)}

+ I really had a ball drawing the winner for this giveaway, much thanks to Rafflecopter. Hosting a giveaway {+ joining one, too!} is a breeze with it around. I might just host some more giveaways in the future because of that, who knows 😉

Okay, I have delayed + kept you on the edge of your seats unnecessarily, so without further ado, here is the lucky winner of $15 Paypal Cash:

Winner, Rafflecopter, giveaways

Congratulations! Please contact me so I can send your prize as soon as possible.

Again, thanks to everyone who joined. I hope you stay subscribed as more giveaways will be brewing + unsubscribing will disqualify you from  joining in the future.

Check the other Pasko Sa Agosto giveaway results here.

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