Tips + Tricks: Want to Change Your Style? Here Are the Best Places to Start

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Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash

Are you looking to freshen things up a bit in your appearance? There are many options to choose from, and it can be a bit confusing to figure out where to even begin if you’ve never done this before. Many people find themselves struggling with this when they’re new to it, so don’t worry ~ you’re not alone. There are some easy ways to make dramatic changes to your appearance that don’t cost a lot of money and are relatively safe {in terms of the ability to undo them if you decide you don’t like the final result}. Let’s take a look at some of the points you should consider.


If you’ve never taken a second look at your hairstyle, now is the right time for that. Just because you’re used to having your hair done a certain way, doesn’t mean that this is the best style for you. In fact, if you’ve never bothered to experiment with this, it’s very likely that the style you’re using right now is far from optimal. Finding the right look for you will take some professional advice though, and this is rarely something you can do on your own. Go to a trusted stylist and tell them you want to change things up a bit. But don’t go too far, as it may be hard to revert those changes afterwards.


Jewellery is another great way to make your appearance more interesting without changing it too drastically. You can easily add various pieces of jewellery to your style without changing your clothes or other parts of your looks, and you can even get different pieces for different occasions. You can opt for a dainty Etsy necklace to add more style or a pop of color.

And if you go to a fancier store like, you can find a variety of exquisite pieces for those special occasions. No matter what your overall style is, you can always fit in a few pieces of jewellery here and there. Don’t disregard this option just because you’ve never tried it before – it may work better than you would assume.

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3 Reasons Why You’d Love To Get A Soufeel Bracelet + Charm This Christmas

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I was totally smitten by my Soufeel Bangle and Charms {you can read about my full review here} that I use them almost every time I go out. I love the look and the snug fit of the bangle on my wrist and I was  particularly in love with the charms. That is why I was totally charmed when Soufeel told me they will send another Bracelet and Charm set of my choice for me to feature on my blog.

I selected the following for my 2nd Soufeel set:

  • Snow-Covered Log Cabin Charm {$25}
  • Pink Railway Carriage with “Love” on it {$25}
  • Red Railway Carriage with “Forever” on it {$25}
  • Sleigh and Reindeer Set {$50}
  • Sydney Opera House Pendant {$25}

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Product Review: Soufeel Bangle + Charms

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I am not a big fan of jewelries, and they will  be the last thing I’d think of buying even when I had the chance, but there is something about this Soufeel Bangle with Charms that made me fell in love with it, I readily agreed when I was asked to review the products.

Soufeel Bangle and Charms in a nutshell

product review, reviews, simple pleasure, women accessories, women fashion, fashion finds

product review, reviews, simple pleasure, women accessories, women fashion, fashion finds

The Soufeel silver charm bracelet is made from 925 Sterling Silver. It features a barrel clasp to hold different charms in place. The bangle’s elegant design also made it stylish enough to be worn on its own, while its classic color also makes it easier to pair with just about anything you might have in your closet. The Soufeel Basic Bangle retails at $25.  

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