my red mommylicious shirt from samu’t sari

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I won this fab red shirt from Samu’t Sari’s Blogversary Blowout giveaway last year. I got the shirt in January + I was not able to share it sooner. It does say “Mommylicious,” how cool is that? I am not really a big fan of any article of clothing in red, since it is not really one of my favorite colors, plus I find it a tad uncomfortable to wear, that is why I am fond of light + pastel colors, instead.  But this lovely shirt changed all that. I love the fabric + even if it is red, it is very comfortable + cool to wear. Plus, it fits me perfectly + is now one of my favorite shirts to wear! 🙂

Thank you, Mummy Eihdra for this mommylicious shirt! 🙂 Thought I’d share this with Red Hot Thursdays, my first time to join. 😉


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in search for a drawstring sundress

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The last time I had worn a dress was when I was in my third trimester of pregnancy + somehow I miss feeling like a dainty girl dressed in a dainty, yellow dress, so can anybody tell this mum where to find a drawstring sundress? I have been wanting to have one + I am thinking it will be a perfect outfit to wear when I go out with the little man on Easter. It’s design + if I get lucky to find the perfect color, will be a great article of clothing to wear this summer, too. I spotted this drawstring dress while watching the telly some weeks ago + planned to get one for myself, but I’ve recently scoured online shops upon online shops in search for one, but I was not lucky.  I was not very fortunate to find one anywhere. 🙁

I have tried numerous online shops in some of the prominent social media where these shops have mushroomed, too, + although I have found several hundreds of lovely dress designs, I was not lucky to find the one that I was looking for.

I also chanced upon Damart, which is a well-know online shop based in the UK + found this lovely sundress. I would have loved to give up the search for the drawstring dress to settle for this, but you know too well that I have a tight budget + that I am such a cheapskate, right? 😉

It wouldn’t hurt admiring this dress, right, + today might just be the lucky day that I find that elusive drawstring dress. Wish me luck, would you? 😉

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beating the summer heat with chic modest dresses

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The scorching summer is on a roll, 34.7 degre Celsius yesterday, in fact, + it is high time we search for clever + creative ways to beat the summer heat! + one great way I can think of is donning those chic modest dresses. They are not called summer dresses, anyway, for nothing! + do you know why they are the favorite women fashion staple around this year? Here, read on:

  • They are the comfiest  to wear around this time of year, just make sure to go for the light fabric or cotton ones, which are most ideal in this weather
  • You can wear them to just about any occasion: a simple dinner with the hubby, a weekend get-away at the beach, a high school or college reunion!
  • There are unlimited designs to choose from + in the spirit of the fun summer vibe, opt for the pastel colored + the floral ones!
  • There is just one perfect design, cut + style for just about anyone, you can either opt for beautiful maxi dresses or choose those simple yet inspiring sundresses + if you’ve got a little girl, you can even go out in matching dresses! 🙂
I am so sold on modest dresses that I am planning to give it another try, now that my little bump has grown into one big + hyper toddler, + have actually ordered one summer dress online. I am just waiting for it to arrive in the mail. It is a yellow dress I plan to wear the next time my small family goes out for a swim. I will post about it as soon as it arrives! 🙂
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