5 Life-Saver Fashion Tips For A Busy Mum

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It was never easy being a mum. Almost often we are too busy taking care of other people that we end up with little or no time for ourselves. This cycle has to stop, and, difficult it may sound, we ought to carve out some time alone so we can recharge and be up on our toes to perform our many different functions. Also, being busy is never an excuse to sacrifice our fashion sense and our personal style. After all, we still need to look our best while we juggle being a loving partner, a nurturing mum, and while pursuing our many different passions.

Check out these these life-saver fashion tips for mums so you won’t have to sacrifice your fashion style even when you are a busy mum:

  • Jazz up your wardrobe ~ Spruce up your wardrobe by adding a variety of colors into your regular fare of whites, black, and gray. Do not be intimidated by daring or bold colors and try to add tops and dresses in shades of red, canary and aquamarine to your wardrobe. This fresh change will not only make you look good but also make you feel good about yourself.
  • Shoes speak volumes about your personality ~ Now what most of you ignore the most in your attire is a classy pair of shoes. However, your shoes define your personality and reveal the message that your attire and little details matter to you greatly. If you feel that after becoming a mum you have lost the stylish spark in you, then it is time to revitalize things by going for those nude pumps to get that chic look.
  • Gather the passion to spend on accessoriesThe accessories are always a woman’s weakness so things should not change even when you become a mum. Life should never lose its color and excitement for you. There is no better way to keep the spirit alive by getting statement bags and jewellery. You might have to do a bit of research to keep up with the latest trend, but you can easily do that by visiting glimpse over magazines and popular fashion blogs. This will not only help you discover the charm those skinny belts hold, but will also keep you up-to-date with budget finds and great bargains on jewellery.
  • Hairstyle matters ~ Of course, a hairstyle can make or break your over-all look. If you have been meaning to cut your hair short, then today is the best time to do it! You can also be adventurous and experiment on different hair color that will fit your personality. If you are a very simple mum like me, who is in forever ponytail, pinning your hair with bobby pins can give you a fresh and stylish look, too.
  • Intelligent shopping for cosmetics ~ It is pretty understandable that a busy mum does not have the time to do extensive makeup. Honestly speaking you even forget the art once you become a mum because you have so many other things to do. Well, the smart approach is to go with pink or red lip color because it assists you in getting away with minimal eye make-up as well. Or, if you are so much like me who cannot apply a decent make-up to save her life, it is best to invest on the basics, including lipsticks, cheek tint, and face powder.
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Just How Fashionable Should A Wedding Dress Be?

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image by khunaspix from freedigitalphotos.net

Naturally many brides want to look fabulous and glamorous on their big day but just how ‘on-trend’ should a wedding dress be?

While many BoHo styles are cutting edge there’s also a wave of brave brides opting for dip-dye wedding dresses. These also include celebrities too who have embraced a need to stand out even more with a gown that will catch the eye.

This rise in quirky alternatives is dividing opinion of brides to be, particularly on social media websites where images of brides in dip-dyed wedding dresses are attracting lots of support and interest.

It should also be noted that the same trend is also seeing brides opting for mis-matched bridesmaid dresses and stand-up takeaway-style meals instead of formal three course dinners.

One bride has proudly revealed how she created her unique wedding dress by using airbrush paints on her all-white stylish wedding gown. She also used the multi-coloured approach for her hair and flowers.

Famous singers too have also opted for the dip-dye look while others have chosen a classic wedding dress, for instance, but have it finished in a subtle pink.

New wedding dress designers particularly are looking to stand out from the crowd and they are offering some very impressive and stylish creations utilising dip-dye in a variety of colours along the bottom of the gown itself; mostly these are in a single shade rather than in several colours.

While many brides to be will still opt for stylish designer wedding dresses which have a timeless and elegant look and feel to them, we may have to wait a long time before the new trend of dip-dye wedding dresses really takes hold and for famous designers to join in and offer their own multi-coloured creations.

Indeed, a quick search of various social media websites will reveal the trend is taking hold with some elegant gowns being photographed on Instagram and Pinterest.

It’s also worth mentioning that some brides are not just opting for subtle shades of colour in their dip-dye with some offerings ranging from subtle blues to bright orange, for instance. Whichever shade they choose, they all look distinctly original and stylish which is what the bride intends and which is why it’s a great way to create a modern and unusual wedding gown.

With brides using social media sites to begin their search for their dream wedding dress and with these dip-dye gowns increasingly being featured in wedding dress magazines, only time will tell as to whether brides in the future will opt for a dip-dye dress rather than a traditional stylish wedding gown.

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3 Looks That Look Great for Christmas Pictures

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Image by Serge Bertasius Photography from freedigitalphotos.net

With autumn upon us, Christmas will arrive before we know it. While there are presents to buy and wrap, grand feasts to organize, and family dramas to navigate, make sure you don’t overlook your festive photo attire. The memories you capture this season will sit on walls and mantelpieces long after you’ve carved the turkey! Creating the right image doesn’t need to be difficult though; these stylish looks will always impress in your Christmas photos.

Casual Christmas Chic

Think of your favorite photos. Are they the posed ones where you’re dressed to the nines, or are they the more casual ones where you’re simply enjoying time with your loved ones? If you gravitate toward the latter shots, then a casual Christmas chic look may be for you. This should be a slightly more polished version of the way you present yourself day to day.

If you have a favorite kitschy Christmas sweater or basic blouse you adore, wear it with pride. It’ll look great with a dark pair of denim jeans, a more stylish choice than those with a lighter wash. Add some court shoes and a tailored wool or felt coat and you’re good to go. A high ponytail or hair left down around your shoulders looks ideal with this outfit.

An Angelic Look in Neutral Cream

Image via Flickr by Me in ME

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