a noob’s guide to installing wordpress in a subdomain

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I am not actually what you might call an expert on this + if truth be told, I have actually tried installing WordPress twice, once when I created my travel blog + another when I created my food blog {which is actually sleeping dormant right now, waiting for when I’d muster enough guts to blog about food}, which are both sub-domains. My travel blog is up + about, so I guess I did the right thing ūüôā

If we want to have at least a basic know-how on how to build a website, we should at least know how to install WordPress on our blogs, right? Here are the steps I took when I installed WordPress on my sub-domains:

  1. Log in to your cPanel + create that sub-domain if you haven’t already. For example, you have created the subdomain myblog.website.com. Just click on the Subdomain option.
  2. Go to Fantastico {the smiley button} + click on WordPress from the list of Available Packages under Blog Section
  3. Click on the New Installation tab
  4. In the Install WordPress tab, choose from the list of subdomains where you would like to install WordPress, in this case to myblog.website.com
  5. Fill in the required information based from the prompts to complete your WordPress installation
  6. Make sure you fill in the correct information + don’t forget to take note of your admin access data, which you will use later on to access your new blog.
  7. You can now view your brand spankin’ WordPress blog by typing¬†myblog.website.com on your address bar
The steps might have been altered one way or another since the last time I installed WordPress on my blog, but I am sure you will find loads of other tutorials you can use to brush up on the knowledge. Good luck on those WordPress installation + happy blogging ūüôā
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