Tips + Tricks: 3 Home Improvement Ideas For Your Work-From-Home Set Up

The Covid-19 pandemic puts a stop on almost all outdoor pursuits. People are now spending more time at home and doing more and more activities indoor. This include online classes for children and remote work for parents. This has created a paradigm shift for people who originally view the house as a place to gather with loved ones or to rest and relax. Now, more buyers are looking for a property that facilitates self-care and improve the quality of life.

The health crisis has allowed for easy DIY and home renovations to flourish. Since not most of us can easily afford to purchase a new property, we can always  improve our current residence to streamline our work-from-home set up and make our home more conducive to learning for the kids and more suited for a productive day for hardworking mums and dads.

Here are a few home improvement ideas you might want to consider:

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Designate a space for work

Nothing improves productivity and focus than having a designated space in your home for everything, including your workstation while you slave the day away working from the comforts of your home. Choose a spot in the house with the least distraction and traffic. This might be an unused extra room, or a nook in the living room. Set up a desk or a table and gather all your work paraphernalias there, including your laptop and computer, your office documents, your mobile phone, and your work journal. You can also put a plant as a simple decor, as well as motivational photos or images, or your favorite diffuser to improve your mood while working.

A good internet connection is also essential in making your domestic workstation work, so make sure that you invest on a fast and reliable service. You can also throw in an ergonomic chair to make working for longer period of time more comfortable. And to complete the whole office vibe, you can also invest on a small filing cabinet or a small shelf where you can easily place everything you might need for work.

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Tips + Tricks: Setting Up Your Home Office to Get More Done

A new year is upon us and that means another chance to have a very productive year. If you’re someone who does work from home, whether it be as a freelancer, as you’re working towards a degree, for your job or something else, a home office is a great help towards getting things done. However, not all home offices are created equal. Here are some tips you can use to set up your home office in a way that will allow you to get more done this year.

Remove as Much Clutter as You Can

First, you should work on removing as much clutter as you can. When you go to sit down to work, you don’t want your mind focusing on how much cleaning you need to do within that very room. Clutter is distracting and it can make it hard to find the things you need to do your work. Spend a few hours going through everything in your office and getting rid of anything you don’t need. Either throw it away or simply find another place to store it. You’d be surprised at how much better you’ll feel after just cleaning off your desk.

Get Organized

Once you’ve gotten rid of the things you don’t need, it’s time to organize the stuff you do. Grab yourself some storage containers and start sorting things out. Maybe you have a large assortment of papers that would be perfect for a filing cabinet. Or maybe you have a bunch of materials and supplies that would fit well into a storage tub. Create an organizational system for your office that will allow everything to have its own proper place. After setting up this system, be sure you remember to stick to it, otherwise, you’ll just find yourself back at the beginning again in a couple of weeks.

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