Tips + Tricks On Pursuing Your Passion Without Breaking The Bank

I strongly believe that we should not stop pursuing our passions even now that we are mums and have to take care of so many things {and people}, all at the same time. And because we have to look after so many concerns, all the more that we have to take much-needed breaks and pursue activities that are not only great for passing the time but also ideal in nurturing our inner child and our soul.

Sharing with you a few of my passions in life and some tips and tricks on how I manage to pursue them without spending too much moolah:

Yoga + Meditation

Some would spend too much and enroll themselves in the gym to practice yoga. Since the old yoga center I used to go to has closed down, I had no choice but to practice at home with my trusty yoga mat as my companion. For newbies, there are many educational videos on youtube you can watch to learn how to do yoga, or other form of exercises, in the safety of your home.

In the same manner, there are also many instructional materials online on meditation. Personally, I absolutely enjoy Oprah & Deepak 21-Day Meditation Experience and have been doing this for a while now. What’s even better is that I do not need to spend a cent in enjoying this. I just registered on the site and wait for their free 21-Day Meditation Experience, which usually comes about 2-3 times in a year, and enjoy meditation when it is out! It even has an app version, so you can do your meditation practice with your mobile device. You can download the Meditation Experience app on Play Store here.


I am a total newbie in calligraphy and have been wanting to learn more since last year when I discovered all these awesome calligraphy accounts on Instagram. Most workshops are costly and this mum can spend the money on other necessities, so when I heard that they are offering free basic calligraphy workshop at the SM Stationery Art Festival last summer, I just knew I had to attend. A minimum purchase earned me a slot at the free workshop! What got me even more excited is that Meeya Cruz of Calligrafriends PH was teaching calligraphy that day. I love her work and I have been following her for awhile. I have also joined their Facebook group and am just in awe at the many calligraphy works members share there. I tagged along my sister and the little man to this event at the SM Megamall Fashion Hall and was even lucky to be chosen as one of the winners to get Faber-Castell freebies! 😀

We absolutely enjoyed our experience that we even joined their Journaling Workshop at the SM North Edsa run of the Art Festival, where we got to learn some journaling tips from Abbey Sy.

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Watch This Internationally-Acclaimed Puppet Show At The PETA Theater Center

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Puppets fascinate not only the kids but also the kids-at-heart, and if you are looking for something new and exciting to do with the kids this summer then read on to know more about PETA’s Sticks, Stones, Broken Bones puppetry performance!

For its annual family event, the PETA Theater Center transforms into a children’s play house. It is the perfect place to take your kids for a fun, extraordinary and memorable bonding experience. This year is extra special because PETA partners with Bunk Puppets to bring to Manila the internationally awarded shadow puppetry performance Sticks, Stones, Broken Bones all the way from Melbourne, Australia!

A creative family bonding experience comes to the PETA Theater Center all the way from Australia!

Sneaky chickens, flying ninjas, brain surgery and an unforgettable horse race! Sticks, Stones, Broken Bones takes the audience into a surreal world of puppets and adventure.

Using household objects and bits of rubbish, Bunk Puppets transforms simple objects into hilarious silhouette stories. In each scene, the puppetry is performed in front of the shadow screen, so that the audience gets a close look at the visual trickery. Old toys, brooms, boxes and discarded clothing are deftly stitched together to create shadow puppet stories and characters.

Delighting audiences in dozens of countries, Sticks, Stones, Broken Bones is a hilarious fusion of shadow puppetry and physical theatre. It’s a visual feast for the imagination! Come, experience one man’s playful vision of wonder and nonsense. Sticks, Stones, Broken Bones is a 50-minute non-verbal puppet comedy show for all ages. Some bits are a wee bit scary for under 6 years old, so we highly recommend that they are accompanied by their parents.

summer activities for children, announcement, best things to do this summer, plays and performances, workshops

Sticks, Stones, Broken Bones comes to the Philippines this May! Shows are scheduled at May 3 {2pm}, 4 {2pm}, 5 {2pm}, 6 {1:30pm, 4pm} and 7 {1:30pm, 4pm}. To complete this rare experience, there will also be a series of puppetry workshops for kids and adults alike facilitated by the founders of Bunk Puppets on May 4 and 5, 6pm {Advanced Puppetry Workshop for Adults} and May 6 and 7, 10am, {Parent-Child Puppetry Workshop}.

Tickets to the show starts at Php800/pax or Php700/pax for a family of 3.  You may book your tickets to the show as well as workshop slots through Ticketworld or by texting 0917.807.3069. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to bond with your little ones over a show that will surely amaze audience of any age!

For more information about the show, visit and

All show images are by Andrew Wuttke.

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Mommy Bloggers Watercolour Workshop With The Crafters Marketplace

Since last year, I have been meaning to join an art workshop {I’ve been seeing loads of calligraphy and watercolour works on my Instagram feed, I was dying to learn how to do them!} but most are held in far-off places or are priced too steep for this cheapskate mum! So when Mommy Bloggers Philippines invited mums for their Mommy Bloggers Watercolour Workshop with The Crafters Marketplace a few months back, I excitedly signed up!

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The workshop was held at The Crafters Marketplace at Shangri-la Mall’s Rustan’s Supermarket. It is conducted by teacher/visual artist/graphic designer Ian De Jesus. You can check out samples of his beautiful work on his Facebook Page, You can also follow @ravenfox13 on IG.

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Ian started our session with a brief background about art and introducing his tools of the trade to us. He has numerous kinds of brush, ranging from the most affordable to the most expensive in different sizes for specific usage, as well as a number paints. According to him, the more expensive the paints were the more pigments they have. As expected these expensive paints with more pigments yield more beautiful and colorful results. He also suggested the watercolor brand Simbalion for those who are just starting to explore the beautiful craft of watercolour. He also told us a short history of how difficult it was to acquire colors in the olden age and how some painters and artists actually fell sick and eventually died due to exposure to harmful chemicals and ingredients present in the paints. He enthused that we are luckier nowadays that we can easily acquire these art materials in bookstores and arts and craft shops.

workshops, arts and crafts, Mum Doodles, events

Ian also introduced us to the color wheel, but unlike the basic ones we were familiar with in grade school, this color wheel is more complex, with lots of other colors. Knowledge of the color wheel, according to Ian, will come handy especially to those who are just starting since it will serve as our guide to which colors complement each other and which colors do not go well together. He said that most companies use the color wheel as their guide in creating brand logos, as well as in displaying their products in supermarket isles.

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