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Pilipinas Teleserv’s Citizen Services: A Call Center For Filipinos By Filipinos

Queuing in seemingly endless lines to apply for a passport or renew it, to get an NSO-certified birth certificate, or to procure SEC documents can really be such a nuance. You might think why snail-paced transactions, especially in government agencies, are still existing in this day of modern gadgetry and high technology. Can’t they be …


SEO 101

Bloggers everywhere are tapping on SEO or Search Engine Optimization tips and tricks to increase their blog or websites visibility in various search engines’ search result pages. After all, a blog or website that are highly visible in these search engines are most likely to get the most number of visits and potential income from …

blogging tips and tricks

Facing a challenge

Everyone knows that parenthood is a challenge.  You can take all the courses and read every book on the subject that you can find but you are never really prepared.  The problem is that everybody’s life is different.   Every child – and parent! – is unique and this is something that we should never forget.  …


Dad Blogs To Suit All Tastes

There can be nothing worse than getting just a week into the school summer holidays and you find you have run out of ideas to keep the kid entertained. They get bored, they get cranky and that has got to be a stay a home parent’s worst nightmare. Often once they reach the bored stage …


Not just for stay at home dads

Maybe the thought of bloggers brings to mind an image of a person sitting all day at their computer, discussing anything and everything that comes to mind? Maybe people picture stay at home mums with nothing better to do than enjoy coffee mornings with their other mum friends, doing a little bit of light housework …


Of Domain Renewals + Media Servers

The bane of leading a very busy life, I sometimes overlook a few things here and there and forget about a couple of things along the way. That is what exactly happened to me when I open my email earlier and find this notification from Godaddy that one of my domains are expiring real soon …

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