Not just for stay at home dads

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Maybe the thought of bloggers brings to mind an image of a person sitting all day at their computer, discussing anything and everything that comes to mind? Maybe people picture stay at home mums with nothing better to do than enjoy coffee mornings with their other mum friends, doing a little bit of light housework before sitting back with a cuppa and getting to work on the latest post for their mummy blog? Rarely do we think that the blogger works full time, has perhaps more than one job, spends as much of their spare time as possible with their kids and who blogs quickly in what might just be the only spare 5 minutes they have had all day. And rarely do we think that the blogger is the dad.

Mum blogs like mine have been popular for many years, but now dads are getting to have their say too. Dad’s blog about everything from their lives, to their kids, the latest gadgets, the best boys holiday they had and of course family days out and other wonderful family times they have enjoyed. Dads have their own niche market in the blogosphere, a place where they can talk boys stuff until their hearts are content. Topics up for discussion on these manly daddy blogs include outdoor activities that are fun for the whole family, latest gadget reviews and computer games, funny stories of family life as seen from the dad’s perspective and much much more. is a newer blog with only a few postings so far, but it is one to put on the watch list as it is set to become really popular. As the name of the blog suggested it is all things outdoors and totally family orientated. If camping trips are your thing then this blog could be just for you, if not well, maybe you should give it a try, for the kids’ sake, I am sure they will love you for it.

Dominic Holland is a very busy man as witnessed by his postings on He is not only a writer but a comedian and a dad too, phew, how he finds time to blog is a mystery, I am tired just thinking about it. He also discusses his son and how he outshines his own celebrity status which is a nice easy read for anyone with a busy lifestyle. discusses almost everything. From the latest news reports and offering up his own opinions on current affairs, to wonderful anecdotes about his family life, daddacool is pretty much that – cool. As a dad to 3 kids he loves nothing more than to share the goings on of his household to everyone interested enough to read.

A single parent is no longer just the realm of the mother as is blindingly obvious by the blog He shares his parenting tips and restaurant reviews, and is a great all round blog that is easy to read.

Daddy blogs are not only a great read for dads, I also enjoy them, it makes a change for me and the kids are always surprised when I can talk knowledgeably about the latest shoot-‘em up release or the online multiple role playing games- so thanks daddy blogs, you earn me a few cool points with the kids.

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Of Domain Renewals + Media Servers

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The bane of leading a very busy life, I sometimes overlook a few things here and there and forget about a couple of things along the way. That is what exactly happened to me when I open my email earlier and find this notification from Godaddy that one of my domains are expiring real soon and that I have to make the necessary actions lest I will lose my blog! This domain has just recently been transferred to me that I forgot to note its expiry date.

Of course, I was rattled off to my rocker. Sure this is not the first time that one of my domains are expiring and I need to renew it, but upon logging on to my account and entered an appropriate code {just so I can renew my domain at a much lower price :-)}, the code simply won’t work and it is breaking my heart to pay that much amount when I know that I can renew domains for a minimal fee. If you personally know me, you would know that I cannot tell the difference between a media server and a hosting plan, and that talks that involve codes, domain and the likes are normally gibberish to me.

It was a good thing I kept my composure and after searching online for promo codes, I found one that actually works! Using the code CJC795DOM, I get to renew my domain for another year for only $8.67 instead of paying the full amount of $15.80. That for me is quite a big savings!  :-D It might be an ordinary and very mundane tasks for some, others can probably do this with one eyes closed, but for me, it really is quite a feat and I pat myself on the back that I can now renew my domains without bugging someone to help me.

Oh by the way, in case you also plan to renew your domains, or get a new one, perhaps, do not forget to check out Godaddy’s promo codes to get big discounts! ;)

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On Hosting Issues + Dedicated Servers

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My blog was down for a number of days last month due to some server issues. My host transferred services at the time and while the transfer was in progress, my blog is nowhere to be found in the world wide web. The followers and readers cannot visit the site, no one can join the current giveaways I was running at the time, neither can I update and post anything, too. It was really quite frustrating on my part, especially when you have deadlines to beat and targets to hit. It actually got me contemplating about Xeon Dedicated Server and the likes.

A dedicated server will prove to be a very good investment for anyone who has a thriving blogging business. Having a server dedicated entirely to your blogs is quite ideal, as opposed to co-sharing it with a number of other blogs in the world wide web. It easily eliminates a number of downtimes since the server solely handles your blogs’ data and all its resources are channeled to fuel your blogs. It even protects your blogs from unfriendly elements in the online world that maybe harmful.  Your concerns will be addressed accordingly and in a timely manner. It was like renting an entire resort so you alone can use it.

Unfortunately, dedicated servers are rather expensive and it is also most ideal for sites that get a gazillion of hits everyday. It was something I cannot afford yet and I am just getting a considerable amount of traffic anyway. So I guess I will just stick with my hosting plans at the moment. The downtime may have gone on for a few days but it was such a relief that it was over in a matter of days. The transfer also seem to work to my advantage as I am hardly experiencing any downtime from there on.

My host handle all my blogs, as well as a considerable number of other blogs in blogosphere, but it was such comfort and convenience that it was easy to reach her whenever I have issues and problems and tries to resolve these concerns as fast as she can. There is no way I can solve them on my own, anyway, and any talks concerning technical terms and jargon is just gibberish to me, anyway. So, yeah, sticking to my old hosting plan really sounds like a good plan.

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are 100% my own.

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Tips + Tricks: Is it Time for You to Consider Buying Instagram Followers?

Recently, Facebook purchased the photo-sharing program Instagram. This purchase has boosted their popularity in the social media world and Instagram continues to see growth. This growth is not only from the United States, but from across the world. The attractiveness of Instagram is primarily due to their ease of sharing features as well as the ability to manipulate photos. Many Instagram users may be wondering if this program is right for their business. In order to make this program work for you, you must make the decision to buy instagram followers.

Most experts in this field recommend purchasing lnstagram followers. While you will be able to attract many on your own, you will experience a greater growth and exposure from purchasing followers. Many businesses have found that Instagram has only worked for their business after purchasing followers.

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