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The world wide web can really be quite a mine, not only of up-to-date information, or free + exciting online bingo games, or homeschooling resources {think free printables + other downloadable learning materials for your tots}, but it can also be a perfect place to find possible work opportunities, too. I know you’ve heard of a lot of people who keep regular jobs without even dressing up for work or leaving the comforts of their own living room. In this day + age, I thought that was actually a very convenient way to work. Imagine all the hassle you can eventually do without if you are working in the confines of your home. Plus, you can even continue to go about your day-to-day activities while you do so! It is actually a win-win situation!

Oh well, am just saying since my personal quest to search for a regular job online has finally come to an end. No, I haven’t thrown in the towel as I know those who continually seek will eventually find what they were looking for! + true enough, after months of wishing + searching I’ve just landed me a regular online job. This mum just got lucky to find the right one the other day.  I guess I was also lucky that I have almost 5 years of call center experience under my belt, so I got the job!

Work starts Monday + what I really love about it is that I will get to work in the wee hours of the morning {Manila time} while my little man is fast asleep, that way I can still be a full-time mum during daytime + will just have to squeeze in a few hours of sleep right in between 😉

In the meantime, I have a bunch of training materials to tackle + I have the entire weekend to study + learn the tricks of the trade before I officially start work Monday night. Wish me luck! 😉

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when the internet is your only excuse for a social life

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I guess this happens to a lot of stay-at-home mums who really struggle to maintain an active social life while keeping watch of their little ones 24/7! Hardly possible if you’d ask me, how in heaven’s name can you  be in two places at one time late at night when you are dutifully tacking your little ones safely to bed and your single friends {or some lucky mummy friends, even} are enjoying the weekend in some plush pub or bonding over a film you have all been planning to see? In fact, for most of us, the only semblance of social life we have is the ones we keep online, like Facebook, Twitter or Google+. It is by far the most convenient in our most demanding schedules, after all.
And for our typical Friday night, instead of being spent in a movie theater, a salon or a pub, it is often spent online keeping in touch with our friends through the exchanges of tweets or browsing through each other’s status updates. And we cannot just afford to spend these precious time in front of the computer as we please, mind you, this is usually done when the little one is sleeping soundly in bed, which is the only moment mum really gets to have time for herself.
We have spent a considerable amount of time online, in fact, that I have listed a number of interesting things to do online to pass the time and I might just have to add in a bit more. Check out my new list of a few more things you might be interested to do while online, aside from spending your time to play bingo free downloads and watch your favorite Korean telenovela on youtube:
  • Look for alternative ways to earn online. The world wide web is not only a gold mine of information, it has also evolved to be an alternative source in looking for more ways to augment the family income. You can try out those paid-to-click sites, or those income-opportunities sites that require just a little amount of investment. Just be careful, though, to ask around for feedback before signing up for any of these sites. I have been a victim of these scam once, it was a good thing Paypal was good enough to return the money I invested.
  • Be abreast with current events by reading news online. If you continuously get to miss the evening news cast on the tellie because your little man would demand the Disney Channel instead, it is a good opportunity to catch up what’s going on with the world by doing a once-over of the networks’ website. It pays to be updated with what is going on outside, especially when you hardly have the time to go out yourself. And who knows you might just stumble into a good news, like a big sale announcement in your favorite shop or a scoop about your favorite actors and actresses! 😉
  • Brush up on your English grammar and vocabulary. I don’t know about you, but I sure get a kick when I read the dictionary when I was younger, the more new words I learn the happier I become. Learning does not have to stop, especially now that I am a mother and am aspiring to teach my little one at home, too, and I can conveniently do that online, too!

I know my list can be quite lame and am sure you can think of more fun and exciting things to do like playing bingo games online. Do drop a comment if you have discovered another exciting new site, right? I would love to check it out! 🙂

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Alternative Things To Do Online

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Have you ever been sat in front of a computer bored, possibly at work or even at home and you have been  staring at the screen for too long thinking of what interesting thing to do? You have changed your Facebook status for the nth time today and changing it anew will start to become a bore. I also know that you love updating your blogs and doing your normal routine and all, but everyone needs a break at some point, right? Well, here are a few things that you could do to have a little fun and break away from the bane and boon of online working.

  • Discover something new ~ have you ever tried Googlewhacking? It is becoming popular as many people use the world’s best search engine for fun. The idea is to type two different words into Google that will produce from its billions of pages, just one result. The words you type in must be in Google’s own dictionary. Neat, right? 
  • Visit a random site ~ I know you probably have way too many favorite sites but, just for kicks, why not try something out of the ordinary and visit an entirely random site like the NASA site, for example, where you can peruse the archives of past moon landings, the first rocket in space or even just find some random facts out about the universe. The idea is to be as random as possible. Simply break from the normal sites you’d usually check out, you just might never know what surprises await you or what exciting and cool stuff you might find. 
  • Play Online Games ~ There are fun games you can try to while away a few hours on. If you are looking for something more serious then there are always the online casinos or bingo sites that are out there, many may offer free bets or promotional discounts to entice you onto the sites.
  • Retail Therapy ~ With many of the high street stores heading online now a days then there is always time for you to stop and have a bit of retail therapy, even if you don’t buy anything then you can simply bookmark the site and look again later when you may have more money or time. Even e-bay bidding can be quite contagious when you get the chance to try it. Buying things online is also good as you can compare the prices much more easily than if you were on the high street.
  • Learn New ThingsIf you have access to the internet, then why not think about learning new things. You can learn how to prepare a new recipe, or play a musical instrument by watching those clever tutorials on youtube, learn new languages, or learn all about computer programs or just find a site about a craft and think about recreating something, perhaps. Above all the, internet is a vast array of information that can be crawled using such search engines as Google and Bing and for each search you are bound to find something different each time.
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