Mum Reads: Scholastic’s The Path to Possibilities: How Stories Can Reach A Global Audience

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It was a weekend well-spent with like-minded people who share my passion for reading and Harry Potter at the National Bookstore’s Philippine Readers and Writers Festival 2017. It was even better that I tagged my budding little reader and siblings along. The event was a 3-day affair with each day filled with meaningful talks about writing and reading, meet and greet opportunities with famed authors, as well as a chance to purchase books at a discount. I was able to participate in Scholastic’s The Path to Possibilities: How Stories Can Reach A Global Audience.

The key topics discussed during the event include:

  • How Harry Potter started as a children’s book and ended as a book for all ages
  • The maturity of Rowling’s writing through the years and how her characters matured with the readers
  • The reading trend in the Philippines
  • The type of books that children and young adults read
  • How can writers tell stories that will be appealing to a global audience and children
  • How important it is for a writer to include local content and Asian elements into a story and how does it impact our children’s identities

J.K. Rowling is and always will be the epitome of impeccable writing skills and her creation, Harry Potter, lives on to be one of the most beloved children’s book character the world over, enjoyed and appreciated both by adults and young readers alike. The way Rowling made her hero ordinary and take on and do extra-ordinary things are what probably captures the readers’ hearts, but more importantly the excitement of how Harry and his friends grew along with the readers is what captivated the readers for years. The first book of the series, Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s Stone, celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, but the world will probably never have enough of Harry Potter and his world long after his adventures at Hogwarts ended.

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5 Ways Smart College Students Overcome The Stress Of Writing Essays

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Every college student knows that essay writing is an important aspect of his or her academic career. Every now and then, the university professors will give them essay or term paper writing assignments. Sometimes, the whole process can be exhausting and tiring and students find that they cannot get past the brain fatigue. Is there a solution to this problem beyond buying cheap essays? They wonder. How can one overcome all the stress that comes from reading so many research papers and writing essays within a short period? In fact, research has shown that stress is the major reason college students resort to patronizing cheap writing services.

Smart college students shared tips on how they ensured that every paper or essay was submitted on time. If you want to figure out the best way to overcome the distressing feelings of anxiety, sleeplessness, and writer’s block, read the points below. Pay attention to these points and you will never experience any of these negative emotions anytime a paper is due for submission.

These 5 easy steps will help you beat your deadlines with ease:

1. Incorporate Physical Exercises into your Routine

Experts have shown that participating in different sporting activities and exercises can help relax the nerves. This helps the student feel rejuvenated and energized enough to embark on academic activities. As much as you can, find physical activities you love around your college campus and take part in them.

Take walks to nearby spots. Leave your car at home and brisk walk around your campus. This will improve blood circulation around your body, especially your brain. Alternatively, you can register at your local gym, if you can afford it. The gym has an added advantage of helping you network with fitness enthusiasts and experts.

Over all, developing a healthy lifestyle will help you stay fit and healthy so that you can tackle your assignments with verve and creativity.

2. Organize Your Daily Activities

Smart college students keep diaries and planners. There, all important tasks are listed in the order they ought to be completed each day, week, or month. These students attest to the effectiveness of this strategy. When they prioritize their daily activities, it becomes easier to eliminate mindless distractions. If you’re often bursting with energy in the early hours of the morning, you can schedule your assignments to be tacked in the mornings. This eliminates the problem of procrastinating until papers are almost due for submission. This is one of the leading causes of stress. Take control of your student life and see how that will help overcome the stress of completing your assignments on time.

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Essay Writing Tips: How To Structure An Essay

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The job of an essayist is to arrange a series of logical ideas into a persuasive argument. This is why great essays take a linear form, providing each idea in an orderly manner so that the reader can appreciate the argument and/or thesis statement.

How do you successfully structure an essay?

To ensure that the essay has a neat structure, the writer must make logical arguments. The structure is primarily determined by the theme or topic of focus. This is because the topic being focused on dictates the facts the readers ought to be fed and in what succession.

Every essay should have a structure that is best suited to the thesis statement or main point being put forward. In other words, there are no fixed formulae.

Most academic essays include several types of information, and these facts are situated in specific parts of the essay. It all depends on what is important to the main issue the essay is trying to address. This is no easy feat to accomplish. Writing essays require a lot of thought and logical planning. It isn’t enough reason to throw in the towel and resort to searching for ‘write my essay’ or ‘type my essay’ on Google or any other search engine.

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