Health + Wellness: 5 Tips To Help Jumpstart Your Fitness Journey This New Year

The beginning of the year is always a good time to start on that ever-pending fitness journey. Now that everyone seems to be falling ill and contracting the Covid-19 virus is the best time to focus on getting healthier and fitter to help your body ward off illnesses and stay in the best shape you could possibly be.

Of course, setting out a personal fitness goal for the new year is not without its nuisances. There are many ways to try and help you jumpstart that fitness journey. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you begin that journey you have always been putting off and, hopefully, assist you in sticking to your goals and finishing strong at the end of the year.

Take small steps

You do not need to do a full exercise routine in a single day. Especially for beginners, it is ideal to start small and stick to simple 5-minute routine you can practice daily. You may opt to start doing 10 squats and 10 jumping jacks in a day and add a few more into your routine until you get the hang of it. You can, then, progress to 30-minute yoga routine until you are finally strong and disciplined enough to start doing longer and more complicated routines.

You do not need to do a full exercise routine in a single day. Especially for beginners, it is ideal to start small and stick to a simple 5-minute routine that you can practice daily. You may opt to start doing 10 squates and 10 jumping jacks in a day and add a few more into your routine until you get the hang of it. You can, then, progress to a 30-minute yoga routine until you are finally strong and disciplined enough to start doing longer and more complicated routines. For an extra boost, you should always couple any exercise regimen with a healthy diet and supplements ~ though be sure to choose supplements that will improve your energy levels to reap their full benefits. To help you choose, it can be favourable to delve into online reviews, such as these MCT Wellness reviews, for example, in order to gain valuable insights on how the incorporation of such products has helped others and learn what they may do for you. Furthermore, if you are interested in seeing for yourself the benefits of adding supplements to your diet, check out those available on the market, and perhaps even make use of this Morning Kick coupon to save yourself some money on your first purchase.

Invest on quality work out clothes

Keep an eye out for good-quality work out clothes. They will not only provide utmost comfort as you go through your exercise sequence, but will also give you an extra inspiration to tackle your fitness goal for the day. You might want to consider adding article of clothings like quick-drying tops, sports bra, and bombshell leggings to help spruce up your practice. This will not only entice you to work out even more, but will also provide for Instagrammable poses and routines, should you wish to document your journey by posting them on your social media pages.

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Amazing Me: A Yoga Book For Kids

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There was a time in my life when I was obsessed with everything about yoga. And because I cannot afford the exorbitant fees for yoga sessions, I got a yoga cd and bought every yoga magazine back issue I could get my hands into. I practice in the safety of my room, right before I go to bed at night. I find it most relaxing and helps keep me focused, apart from keeping the angst and the depressing thoughts at bay. I was once reading about kids and yoga and vowed that I will get my children to do yoga in the future. I was convinced the world will be a much better and peaceful world if we all do yoga. Even when I cannot practice regularly now, I still believe that yoga can make a world of difference, especially in our fast-paced, stressful lives and I do hope I can find a yoga class for kids here in our city. In the meantime, read all about Yoga Kids Philippines and the new yoga books for kids penned by Nica Hechanova. I hope I can get a copy for the little man soon. :rainbow:

Urban Ashram Manila, in collaboration with Firetree Press, launched the first local kids yoga book entitled Amazing Me. Written and illustrated by long-time yoga teacher Nica Hechanova, Amazing Me is a unique and spirited book that allows kids, within the age of four to nine years old, to transform their bodies into the forms of the harmonious elements they find in nature. Made alive with playful illustrations, the easy-to-read prose enables kids to realize, on their own terms, how to connect to the natural world, interact meaningfully, and achieve internal serenity.

The book launch took place at the Bonifacio High Street branch of Urban Ashram Manila on the 27th of June 2015. Accompanying the release of her book, Nica Hechanova led a free family and kids yoga session to allow kids to experience firsthand the freedom and expression found in yoga. This followed a compelling presentation about the long-term benefits of starting yoga at a young age by family and child psychologist, Michele Alignay. Visit any Urban Ashram Manila Studio or order online at to avail of a copy. Shipping is available locally and internationally.

Nica Hechanova’s kind-hearted and encouraging voice permeates throughout Amazing Me. She is a Rainbow Kids Yoga certified teacher with more than eight years of experience of teaching yoga to children. She also pioneered the kids yoga class program in Urban Ashram Manila. The publishing of Amazing Me is the pinnacle of Hechanova’s career as an artist and yogi. “Resources for kids yoga are very rare,” said Hechanova. “No one locally has ventured into this and I thought it would be a great idea to pursue it and be the first Filipino kids yoga book author. I told myself that this is something I can do.” It is a long-term dream she has finally fulfilled. Through this book, she is able to expose the sense of mindfulness and appreciation that yoga promotes. Amazing Me spreads joy and happiness creating a global community of compassion and kindness.

Kids Yoga Philippines in a nutshell

Start them young. Imagine the possibilities.

Established in 2012 by UAM Founding Teacher JP Cox, Kids Yoga Philippines is the pioneering yogalearning center for kids within the age of three to twelve years old. Kids Yoga Philippines is known for their focused and fun, play-based program as they use resourceful ways to teach yoga to kids. They provide a safe and supportive environment, utilizing tools like games, imaginative activities, and expressive storytelling.

Their ultimate mission is to make kids happy and feel good about themselves through the values they learn from yoga. Yoga is a physical, mental, spiritual discipline that complements any sport endeavor and enhances overall health. More than that, it prompts kids to have healthier choices in the future. Through the movements and breathing yoga develops, the kids that have gone through this yoga program have developed a more advanced awareness of their present body and mind. Starting this habit at a young age lays the foundation for a lifelong practice of emotional stability that would help them better navigate through life’s challenges. Most importantly, through yoga, kids learn to be confident, patient, kind, and learn how to build a sense of community.

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Thankful Thursday: Productivity + Yoga

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It is time again for another #ThankfulThurday post and today I am thankful for being productive, and yes, for yoga. More about the yoga part later on in the post and let me talk about the productivity bit. I guess you cannot help but feel very productive if you have accomplished a number of tasks and chores you have set out for you in the week, and that is exactly how I am feeling of late. So I am done with a part of my laundry and cleaning the rooms, a few more spins in the washer and a couple of cleaning here and there and I am all done with this week’s laundry and chores. Which is just about fine by me as I will be left with ample time over the weekend to make reviewers for the little school boy for his incoming 2nd quarter examinations. I have also found the perfect Halloween costume for the little man in time for his Halloween Party!

Blogging is also thriving this week as I have numerous projects currently on the brew. Posts about Unilab, PLDT KaAsenso Cyberya, Proactiv, and the exciting new Robinsons Malls App are also slated to be published within a week or two. I have also been to Blogapalooza over the weekend and will tell you all about the numerous things I’ve seen there in a separate blogpost. Not to mention there are also a couple of book and product reviews coming up and I do hope you watch out for them.

I am also preoccupied with some work-at-home tasks in between, and yesterday, just right before I prepared for another blogging event, I finished a 900-or-so-word article, allowing me to tick off another item on my to-do list. Nothing gives me more joy than to be around my little man 24/7 while he is young, and the opportunity to earn a living while being a full-time stay-at-home mum is really a blessing. My son will be little for only a short time and the chance to look after him myself and being given the chance to augment the family income while doing so is more than enough reason to feel blessed.

And, yes, sorry it took a while but here I go with the yoga bit. I was supposed to visit my local yoga center for a class last week but something came up so I had it re-scheduled for this week. It has been a very long, looong while since I was there last and I am only delighted to be back and to hit my mat again. Yoga is my bliss and my sanctuary, it is also my instant pick-me-upper and visiting one of my favorite places, working on my asanas is a very welcome change in my everyday mundanity. Yes, I was sore and aching here and there after my session, but I was also most relaxed and very peaceful. I agreed to be back next week and I am just glad to be back on my mat again and continue on with my practice.

Now it is your turn to share your Thankful Thursday list, I would love to read all about it! 🙂

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