The New Multiply Marketplace + Online Shopping Convenience

Multiply Marketplace, online deals,

It has been awhile since I visited the Multiply Marketplace {I used to frequent it to hunt for bargain books + later on, for baby items for Jared + party supplies when we celebrated his first birthday}, I heard a few months ago {when I attended Bloggerfest + one of Multiply’s representative spoke briefly about it} that exciting changes are taking place in the site, so you imagine my surprise when I ventured into it this afternoon + found a couple of great features for optimum online shopping convenience.

Firstly, I noticed the newly-improved and very-user friendly interface that they have come up with. It is more pleasant to the eyes, which, I reckon, will entice + encourage more people to purchase items from them. More popular sellers + items were also showcased in the Featured Products + Featured Sellers section which allows for a very easy browsing of potential items + products for you to buy. The site is just very well-organized, with a Category tab on the sidebar, for more browsing convenience.

But, what got me so excited is the all-new Paypal payment feature {I used to be discouraged to buy online before since I still need to go to the nearest bank or Globe outlet to pay for my online purchases!}. Yes, Multiply Marketplace is now accepting Paypal. Don’t it just make online shopping even more convenient? With a simple click on you mouse + you will finish your transaction in no time. I just can’t help it, so I sampled on a few items {I came across this book by Paulo Coelho +  Sophie Kinsella + I simply cannot say no! They are pre-loved anyway, so, no major harm done on my Paypal account! Ha! :)}

To pay for your purchase, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

1. After making your purchase, go to your shopping cart to review your purchases:

Multiply Marketplace, online deals,

2. Simply proceed to check out + select Paypal on the Payment Options tab.Your screen will look like this:

Multiply, online deals,

3. Once you ticked on Paypal, the site will direct you to this screen, simply choose the Have a Paypal account if you have an existing one.

Multiply, online deals

4. You will then be prompted to fill in your log-in details, just like so:

Multiply Marketplace, online deals, Paypal

5. There is no need to fill in the amount you need to pay as this will be automatically computed. All you need to do is click on the Pay Now button + your transaction is complete. You will then be redirected to your Multiply shopping cart.

 Multiply Marketplace, online deals, Paypal

6. Your transaction is now complete!

Multiply Marketplace, online deals

Easy-breezy, right? Now I will never have to endure endless queues or even brave the very-crowded mall to pay for my Multiply purchases! In fact, I am thinking of getting some more items, for the little man, this time. I might get him a doodle water play mat from Babebi {I have been planning to get one of these even before Jared’s 2nd birthday} or this cute animal romper costume  from Chiepao Store

Also, if ever you are so inclined, you can also easily open a free, + I repeat  free, shop of your own. I actually got excited so I decided to make one of my own. I will initially offer ad spaces for my blogs + article writing services, but, eventually, I hope to venture on carrying  children’s books + other products, as well. Check out my Multiply shop, which I christened mumsells, for more details!

If you have more queries, kindly visit Multiply Marketplace now! + do let me know, through a comment below how your own transaction went. 🙂

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