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Family: 4 Ideal Activities To Bring The Family Together

Research shows that families spend less time with each other than ever before. However, there are a number of ways you can bring the family together and create new experiences that you will all remember in the future. Here are just some of them.

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Bake A Cake

The popularity of TV shows like the Great British Bake Off has made baking a popular pastime in the UK for many people of all ages. However, this can also be something you can do as a family, especially if you want to teach your children some cooking skills. There are a number of ways you can carry out this activity. You could have a baking night, where everyone in your family gets together to create homemade cakes, for example. Many retailers sell baking supplies, including bowls and baking trays, and you can spread the cost of any items you purchase over time and make repayments in a number of different ways, including via the phone and online.

activities with the family, family time, tips and tricks, parenting tips, Parenting 101

Host a Crafts Night

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Our #ScholasticWarehouseSale Book Haul

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Going to the Scholastic Warehouse Sale is always a joy for this bibliophile mum! You can read about my previous book haul here. Last December {yes, this is another one of those long-overdue posts!},  I am glad I managed to drop by their Pasig Warehouse just in the nick of time. We went a few days before the sale is over and as expected there were many book lovers on a mission to bring home as many books as they can. I was also determined to try their Book Buffet Box All You Can, where you can fit as many books as you can in a box and pay only Php799!

It was a hot Saturday afternoon and the warehouse was already teeming with people browsing through piles of books looking for something interesting. I decided against availing the Book Buffet, though, as I did not see any How To Train Your Dragon books, which I am planning to complete for my little bookworm who was so much into Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III and his gang at the time! And I just remembered, I was also waiting for a bulk of pre-loved books I ordered online! :D

books, mum finds, books for children, Warehouse Sale Books, children's books, book finds, mum reads

Since I already reached my personal quota for books that month, I fought all the urge to hoard and let the little one decide on which books to get, instead.

After a while, my little book reader handed these titles to me:

  • Star Wars Folded Flyers
  • Cars 2 Book of the Film
  • A Fairly Odd Halloween {A Spooky Pop-up Book}
  • If You’re A Monster And You Know It {hardbound}
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Last Straw {I had to choose this last one since Jared’s original choice cannot be sold separately as it was part of a box set}

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Money Matters: 4 Easy Ways To Pay Off Your Debts

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Paying off debts should be a primary concern for everyone whatever your status is. Although, it might be true that there are millions like you who are facing the wrath of debt out there in the world, this should not be an excuse to let it accumulate and leave it unattended for a long time. It is not healthy to live off month after month by owing people money.  If you are this neck-deep in your debt, it will start to take its toll on your relationships with children and family member, as well as your health.

Keep A Record Of Your Debt

If you are in debt, it is wise to be on top of things by keeping a record of all your debt. This way you can easily assess the clear picture of how bad your debt situation is and formulate a plan to work your way out of it. It pays to keep a record of all your IOU’s, as well as of your monthly bills, including your mortgage or personal loans, car loan, credit card bills, as well as your medical bills. Everything should be taken into account. Get a credit report if you must to make sure that all your debt statement is accurate and up-to-date.

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Thankful Thursday: Of Souls + Gratitude

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Money Matters: Stay Out Of Debt While Living With One Income

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Being a single mum does not mean you cannot enjoy a good life and live without debt. Even if you have one income, it is possible to stay out of debt as well. With a little bit planning, responsibility, and diligence, even single stay-at-home mums can get to enjoy the fruits of their hard labor and stay off of debt, and raise kids, too!

Here are a few useful and easy ways to stay debt-free:

Start An Online Shop

You can start off by selling things that you can get for free from several online shopping stores. Collect them and find buyers to whom you can sell these items off at a much lower price. Since you did not have to pay for them, you can sell them at dirt cheap rates. You can also start an online business by selling essential or trendy items like baby stuff, oils, or make up. An online shop is easy to start as you won’t need big amount of capital to put it up. You can also start off as a reseller to bigger online stores in case you do not have sufficient money to stash up your own products.

Make Wise Decisions

It takes time, as well as conscious effort to spend your money wisely and save up, to be out of debt in the future. But know that simple measures go a long way in saving up cash and finally bidding goodbye to your debt.

  • If you own a car, consider selling it and taking public transportation, instead. Owning and maintaining a car can be very expensive. Unless your car is essential for work, you might as well sell it and use the money to pay off debt, for investment, or to build up your savings.
  • Define your needs as opposed to your wants so you can still live comfortably.
  • Plan your trips to the malls and shops and do not go unless it is absolutely necessary. You will only end up making unplanned and unnecessary purchases when you visit the mall while killing time or during your spare time.
  • Carefully plan your shopping and wait for those sale and promos so you can get items at a fraction of the original price. Make a list of the things you need to buy if you must, make sure to stick to your list, and see how much you can save this way.
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Money Matters: Maintaining A Balance Between Your New Mum Shopping List + Your Debt

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Becoming a mum while you are in debt can be quite a predicament. Although there is nothing more exciting that being a mum, it also entails a growing list of things to buy for your soon-to-come-out little bundle of joy and this can only make your debt situation even worse. Some would agree that it is indeed very costly to prepare for a new member of the family, this is why you need to carefully plan your purchases and balance out your shopping list versus your debts so you won’t be neck-deep in bills to pay by the time your baby comes out.

Here are a few nifty tips that can help you out with your mum shopping vs mum debt dilemma:

On Buying Baby Clothes

No matter how tiny they may seen, baby clothes do not come cheap. You might want to think twice about splurging on onesies and tie-side shirts no matter how cute they are as the baby will only use these for a short while. Also, you might want to consider buying one or two sizes bigger so you won’t have problems about ever-growing babies who require a change of wardrobe after every few months. Some might be squeamish about pre-loved items, especially for newborns, but this is something you might want to consider, as well, as these pre-loved stuff cost only a fraction of those found in the malls. You might also want to put off buying so many clothes at ones as the baby would definitely receive similar items as gifts from loved ones and friends.